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Default map height / Skybox

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Hi guy. In ATLAS I think default map is too high or tall. I think this happen when you reduce the resolution of the height maps (adding additional height possibilities with terrain, a good idea) and then no one adjusted Atlas for it. Why is it too tall? Well now the water does not reflect the skybox in a pleasing way. It renders the ceiling of the skybox too closely and all the detail of the reflect (clouds, etc) is lost. I see this prominently in my newer map like Britannic Road. I can't get the water to look good with good skybox reflectio in Britannic Road because I believe the ceiling is too close to the water plane and detail of the sky is lost. In older map this is not the case. I can change skybox type or water effects in older map and everything render good. Does any of this make sense? And I am just guessing at the cause of the problem. Pkease tell me if I am wrong. lol Maybe it's a different cause.



And even if this is not a problem, I have a request for Atlas: a small feature or buttons to lower and raise the whole map at once would be nice.

All I know is the skybox has some serious issue:


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You can see the skybox is BADLY squished!

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A solution to the terrain height problem and the water reflections. Modify default.xml map.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<Scenario version="6">
	<Terrain patches="16" texture="grass1_spring" priority="0" height="5000"/>

Set height to 5000 instead of eleventy thousand million like unedited value.


(of course this do not fix squishd skyboxes )

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