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Balance changes in a20

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This is a thread for summarizing balance changes in a20.  I'll start:

  1. Fixed a bug so "battlefield medicine" now only works on idle units.  This weakens massed champions significantly.  If you have 50 damaged champions attacking an enemy base, they would be healing 25 damage per second in a19.  With 12 pierce armor, it's the rough equivalent of the opponent having 4.5 extra garrison arrows.  Your champs also don't heal while walking from base to base now.
  2. The Mauryan Pillar of Ashoka now grants a trade bonus.
  3. Fishing upgrades
  4. Fields have less hack armor
  5. Shared dropsites
  6. Promoted units have more capture attack
  7. Palisade walls are much less expensive, faster to build, and less durable.
  8. Stone walls are somewhat more expensive, slower to build, and less durable.  Wall turrets do half as much damage.

That list is based on me skimming the change log and I could well have missed something.  What other balance changes are worth mentioning?

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