I will be brief, since I'm almost sure this has been brought up before at least once in some manner.

Consider adding some actual black people to the game, and not just as mercenaries. If the Nubians existed enough to be hired as mercenaries, then maybe you might think they must have actually had a distinct civilization? And that is just one black, African civilization. I know your game is meant to be about Rome (as usual) and their contemporaries (as usual). In other words, very Euro-centric.

However, I can assure you there is a much wider community that would be happy to not only play, but contribute, to a game where we are actually represented and taken seriously, and not as though we either did not exist, or simply were not "advanced" enough to be of any significance. I challenge anyone, before you reply and say "Africans were living in huts back then", use Google. We were not. Slavery is recent, and descendents of slaves (like myself) are largely responsible for building the civilizations you are now so proud of. So, give us equal respect.
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