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can you add a new catagory - Ingame Eyecandy(not map editor) ? I know that this thread is all about the map editor, but i think that the ingame eyecandy should be put into the list, might as well do it here while we are talking about eyecandy:)

Ingame Eyecandy(not map editor)

- damage effects on buildings (the more damage the building has taken, the more beat up it looks).

- long lasting tracks in the ground(lasting about 3-5mins)

- Destroyed buildings(not just that crappy square of rubble you see in every game, but actual ruined buildings, eg a destroyed temple would have stone blocks scattered all around with fallen pillars and a few still standin, but brocken)

Natural Eyecandy

- all different kinds of animals incl. birds

- lots of european/north african flora(trees and flours)

- rock arches(placed on water)

- scorched ground(eg burnt grass)

- assorted dead/burnt trees

- small sand wirlwind

- water coral

- different kinds of fish

Cinimatic Props and Effects

- fog

- Ground Mist

- avalanch(animated, has to be triggered to go off)

- corpse - fresh, decayed, skeleton

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Jeru I did not add the Forum or therter as they will be too big and wouldnt work propperly unless units could actually enter them. Using a combination of benches tables etc you may be able to make a ralistic forum that units can walk through. Also watcher, a hanging corpse would not fit in well with the 0ad time frame.

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The units I sugested that dont fit in the time frame are meant for fantasy scenerios and to add a little fun to the game, not for use in the majoriy of maps, however I guess you are right. I'll add it.....But whats the real use of such a prop without other medievil props to back it up in any useful scenerio?

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Old West style units... cowboys, indians, town marshall, 7th Cavalry (Custer's regiment), General Custer, Crazy Horse, etc. hehe. Just ideas. How about cannons too? Imagine the cool scenarios. hehe

Historical and mythological heroes not in the game.


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I've been modding The Titans abit - added 53 new objects to the scenario editor ;) All of them coming from existing units/buildings.


If we have special eye candy on buildings and things, then I think we should make them normal eye candy in the scenario editor as well.

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Tall palisades, if not already available as a building...and a SPQR banner, though you might have that already too. Perhaps some crystals or precious gems extruding from the earth to create a mythical area or simply something for fetch missions? Also, it'd be great if every unit in the game was turned into a statue. Unless your engine is something weird, it shouldn't be too hard, would it? Simply have a "base" of the statue for all the statues, then fill the colours of the texture of the unit model with stone. I know it's quite easy in AOM, and if it is in 0AD engine it'd be nice to have.

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I think we need to keep a limit on extra units as the focus is eyecandy the units section is filling up fast and we could go on forever. we still need more natural eyecand however I think.

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Even if hangings were not the fashionable way to execute people in year 0AD, there must surely be some other ways that were used, perhaps we could have some eye-candy on those (crucifictions etc)

Just an idea =)

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I'm not too sure about adding a "crucifixion" to the eye candy section. Although I wouldn't object in any way, others (you know who) might. I'm about 50/50 on that one. It definately would be cool to have, and historically accurate (think of what happened to Spartacus' men after their revolt was crushed by the Romans).

Other eye candy: Many different kinds of fences. Market stalls w/ people attending them. A Redwood tree. The 7 Wonders of the World (if not implemented into the game).

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Who do you think would object? A crucifix is an important Roman object, it doesnt need to be made into a religious object although it does have a specific use for that too. I know some people make religious campagins. AOK even had a scenerio design team doevted to scenerios soley of religious topics. I cant imagine a game set in "0ad" without a jesus unit. I hope no one would object to that. We always talk about religious acceptance. Those that dont like it dont have to play scenerios with such themes and those that are offended are nothing but radicals so nuts to them.

Also what are the 7 wonders of the ancient world.

All I can remember are :


Hanging Gardens

What about the pantheon? and that huge @#$% library that burned down?

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The seven wonders of the ancient world:

The mausoleum of Mausolos in Halikarnassos, present day Bodrum(?),Turkey.

The Kolossos of Rhodos, Rhodos, Greece.

The pyramids of Khufu, Chefren and Menkaure in Gizah, Egypt.

The 'Pharos' lighthouse in Alexandria, Egypt.

The temple of Artemis in Efeze, present day Turkey.

The hanging gardens of Babylon, present day Iraq.

The statue of Zeus made by Phidias in Olympia, Greece.

Some other nice buildings:

The pantheon, Rome,

The partenon and other temples of the akropolis, Athens,

The great library of Alexandria,

The temple of Karnak in Egypt,

The villa of Hadrianus in Tivoli, Italy

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I'll Post the Lits again as this is a new page.


Here it is Wijit, Tell Me What I forgot guys. Also I think the Way I orgonised it into Man Made, Natural and Misc Objects works well.

*UPDATES* Are Listed In Red

UPDATE Added New Catagory "Cinimatic Props and Effects"

Natural Eyecandy






Apple Trees

Dead Trees

Cherry Trees

A Burning Bush!

Really Big Tree

Gum Tree

Orchard Trees

Olive Trees

Orange Trees

Lemon Tres

Apple Tres

Pear Trees

Grape Vines




Dead Bodies/Animals





Leaf Litter




Blood on Ground

Snow Drift

Lava Cracks

Cave Entrance

Cave Stalagmites

Interesting Rock Formations


Pillar of Stone

Animal Trails/Tracks

Marsh plants


Tall Grass

Man Made Eyecandy






Plaza Tiles



Wheat Bundles

Wagon Wheel


Fence Post

Fallen Tree

Extra Buildings

Wood Pile


Shrine to Evil

Archery Targets

Attack Dummies

Underwater Ruins

Shrine to Good

Weapon piles


Grave Stones

Bath House

Sign Post




Sacks of Grain



Sun Dial

Sword in a Rock

Statues (and some Big @#$% ones at that!)

Stone Arch

Stone Benches

Stone Table

Stone Table With Blood over It






SPQR banner

  • The Pantheon Rome

The Great Library of Alexandria,

The Temple of Karnak in Egypt,

The Villa of Hadrianus in Tivoli, Italy



Crashed Spaceship

Loch Ness

Parking Meter

Trash Can

Street Light

Fast Food Outlet

Large Creator with Burning Meteor (Animated)

Cinimatic Props and Effects


Tumble Weed (Animated/AI)

Fire Flies (Animated/AI)

Frog (Animated/AI)

Falling Ash (Animated)

Waves (Animated)

Falling Ash + Fire (Animated)

Blowing Leaves (Animated)

Rain (Animated)

Falling Snow (Animated)

Blow Hole (Animated)

Flies (Animated)

Butterflies (Animated)

Water Falls (Animated)

Fires (Animated)

Iceberg (Animated/AI)

Spot Light (Animated/AI) - Follows Unit

Frost Wind (Animated)

Sun Rays Through Clouds (Animated)

Lightning Bolts (Animated)

Interactive Eyecandy

This is Just an Idea It could be a possibility for some scenario makers???

Usable Weapons - Can Be Picked Up By Units & May Change Attack

Armour - Can Be Picked Up and Increases HP

Food Items – Increases Units Health

Resource Piles – Gain Resources Picked Up

Misc Special Units

Not Really Eyecandy But another possibility for some scenario makers.









Plague Rats









Hanging man (or is it hung man?)


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