Good Morning all. As I was playing this game, I thought that the Kingdom of Kush would be a great civilization to have. They were fierce warriors, iron workers, and had trade routes that extended beyond Egypt's reach. In terms of the warrior specifics and such, this is a very lose idea. Maybe Kush's weapons could be a bit stronger due to their Iron skills, or speed, since many times they would hire Sudanese nomadic mercenaries. There was a legend that said that The Kandake of Meroe (Queen, many times warrior queens) fought off Alexander the Great on an African war elephant. The kingdom of Kush was ruled by many powerful queens. The village women could look like the hand maidens in the first image, in simple linen wrap dresses, with very short hair/ shaven heads, or more like (far left): Except not topless...gotta keep it family friendly. ;P For the wonder, the narrow and smaller "Nuri Pyramids" would be a good choice. A single pyramid. Nubia learned a lot from their neighbors to the north, the Egyptians, but they were still a unique civilization. So the town center wouldnt mimic the Egyptian Per'a, I would say make it look a bit like the big white building shown here:
For houses, the typical mud brick box houses would work, maybe with some sort of simple pattern painted on (more like what you see in the nubian regions of Aswan today. It may be something too current, but since not much is known of Nubia/ Kush, this could have been rooted in ancient times. I should also mention, that the Nubians were known for the "Nubian dome, which is still used in architecture today. A second idea for the houses could be the round ones with cone shaped roofs (again, pictured above.) Perhaps the store house could be the larger hut shaped structure with a semi circle wall with exposed materials. The grainaries could be simple mud brick domes with African baskets sitting outside. The temples could look like the the typical egyptian pylon temples, but smaller of course. idea for relief/ mural for the outside of the temple front: Queen, King, Princes, and the war god: Apedemak. In honor of the Mauryan and Iberian column monument, one could add one to this civilization. One idea could be a tall black granite king statue with a cap and necklace of gold. Perhaps this could increase attack or civilian work speed. or a column with these lions (representing Apedemak). This could boost attack. And of course, music could be more African strings and percussion. ANYWHO, I have rambled on long enough. I don't want to take every aspect of the civilization and dictate and point how it should be done, haha. I hope you enjoyed this idea. I think this mighty warrior kingdom would be a fantastic addition to this game. I think it would work well with the civilizations that are already in the game, without jumping continents. This is a very lose idea, and it would be great to see someone take the strings and pull it together. Have a great weekend!
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