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Enhanced Blood Reward(Complete)

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Realms of Magic and Council of modders is proud to present

Enhanced Blood Reward

Enhanced blood combat features the following features

Soldiers require blood to be perchased

units and soldiers reward blood on death

wild animals(one that do not hold/give food) can be harvested for blood

siege do not give or take blood on death/recruit

civic buildings except for town center is drop site for blood

changes few things in the GUI look


warning when building has tech that does not include blood

dont worry this has no effect only due to spidermonkey

it should be fixed soon

Not fully balanced


make maps more targeted for this mod

Balance fully

convert over to alpha16

add tech to heros/champoins(not seige)seige will use metal

github checkou


Zip Package

(This is now outdated and no longer supported)

(files will be added here later on)


Mute Lovestone

Com-For inspiration to keep working after loss of net

My wife-Getting me net and telling me to not give up

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Dracula probably likes it. (if he randomly opened this site in his mobile sarkophar or whatever technology those comrades have. :D)

I have to say this was

1. A lot of work.

2. The github repository contains exactly what is needed.

3. And everything is ready to work out of the box.

Good job.

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