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(Realm of Man) Subforum Requests(please)

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i was wondering if we could get two subforums

1) Base Mods(for all the tiny mods that we have planned)

2) Realms of Magic (For my group of mods)

if that is to hard or not allowed please let me know

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We are currently discussing how to structure the projects sub forum. (Now where was that topic, Hephaestion hosted?)

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http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18549 (Project Management -> Future of Mod structure)

Please feel free to participate. We are real democratic from now on. I'm getting headaches from this hierarchy arguing we encountered recently several times in a row. I wish to bring new content. Not quarrels.

@Mute: Though your proposals sound reasonable. At least if the subforum management is continued by Mod-Project.

Though I'd prefer having 1 subforum for each Studio or even better 1 subforum for each content category.

Currently there is no consequent scheme. Perhaps this may change. The ROME Mod for example could be renamed 500AD .. 500BC (if we opt for subfora according to category). Those timeframe subforums then are historical accurate.

Then we had:

  • 1500..500BC
  • 500BC..500AD
  • 500..1500AD
  • Fantasy
  • ?
Here we could furthermore rename the forum: Projects -> Content or Base .

OR (by epoch instead of timeframe)

  • ...
  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • ..
  • Antiquity,
  • medieval,
  • ..
  • Rennaissance,
  • Barock,
  • Modern,
  • ...
Also here better rename Projects --> Content or Base or Generic.

OR (by Studio/Project-Team)

  • RoTE --> Scion Development.
  • +Realms of Man
  • -ROME,
  • Aristeia --> Fallen Empire Studios.
  • ..
Perhaps not bad, BUT it's problematic because the Council of Modders is the fusion/ a merge of Aristeia, 1000AD and perhaps Scion (discussed currently) to bundle our efforts.

OR (by Mod with progress min requirement of x% to get a subforum)

  • Rise of The East,
  • Aristeia,
  • Millennium,
  • Realms of Magic,
  • War for Anorithia,
  • Ocelotlazohteotl
Hence me personally I prefer sorting by Category or Mod-Project/Pack (as it is, with progress requirement of 33% to get a subforum). Announcements can still be made about your mod release in the CoM->Announcement subforum.

You can still have your Realms of Man, but you probably have to create it yourself in the web and not in here. (just like Scion Development did it). But this would be another dead forum. Better pick up where Scion Development stopped. That's reasoning for The Council - it's a merge of Scion + Fallen Empires + Free Modders + Mill.Team ... We would love to have you around.

Edited by Hephaestion

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OR (by content rough category)

  • historical,
  • fantasy

Least subforum count here.

OR (by Geography)

  • Rise of The East,
  • West,
  • Mesoamerican,
  • Realms of Magic,
  • Afrika,

I'm sure you get the idea.

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