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Unreported bug units over units.

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May you guys are noticed about that but is not reportes by a ticket yet.

There units over same space of other units.

In the first image above you see a single unit, but there are two, a unit over a other unit.


In second you seethe other unit more clearly.



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First of all, the unit size reported to the engine is not always the visual size. F.e., units are considered round or square (to make calculation easier), which causes long units (like cavalry or ships) to be able to go through each other. If we don't want to cause more lag, this won't be fixable.

But what I see here, is probably a result of some formation behaviour. When units are in formation, they are allowed to walk through each other to reach their position in the formation (otherwise it would be impossible to reach certain places in the formation). If you stop them right when they'll walking through each other, they'll stop inside each other.

There isn't a lot we can do with the current pathfinder, so we'll just have to wait for the new pathfinder.

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Visual size vs obstruction size:

But we can make the obstruction larger.

Visual shape vs obstruction shape:

Non-square/circular obstructions will most likely result in more unwanted behavior as well. Before introducing this (if at all) make sure those units can still guarantied perform all possible move commands.

(I've seen no game where this worked so I'd say: Hands off!)

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