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BananaBread: 3D first person shooter on HTML5

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(Incidentally I noticed BananaBread is using sounds from 0 A.D.: https://github.com/k...ages/sounds/0ad ).

Seems like only some of them are our sounds. At least from what I could tell from a quick listen to their sounds.

(This makes me think of something similar Philip (Ykkrosh) did a couple of years ago. It was only walking around in a very simple 3D landscape (so more like the first FPSs ever, I didn't play any of them, but Wolfenstein? is a name that comes to mind, it was looking like that in any case), but on the other hand that was before HTML5/webGL etc =) I don't remember the URL/know if it's still out there, so I guess you'll either have to take my word for it or try and see if google can find something or go bug Philip in IRC if you're really interested. In either case it is yet another reason why I'm impressed with Philip's programming skills :) )

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