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Tree Cutting Bug?

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**Not sure how to post bugs so if this is wrong please tell me**

I have come across a bug (or maybe a deliberate feature?)

When (woman) gatherers are tasked on cutting down a tree they cut it down like they should

However if you try and put multiple (woman) gatherers on the same tree, they both do the cutting animation but only one collects wood

This means the other one just sits there doing nothing but looks like they are cutting the tree

I put (woman) because it works with the males

They can have multiple on the same tree and get steady resources

Was this intentional?

I am on the migration map

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Thanks for the report :)

I can confirm the bug. The first female citizen to the tree will gather resources, however when a second is assigned to the tree she does not gather any resources until the first one moves to drop off her collected resources. The chopping animation does however play normally. When the first female citizen returns to the tree, she is now not able to gather because the second female citizen is gathering, but the chopping animation plays.

I tested using the latest svn version on the Acropolis II map.

Someone with more admin rights will move this to the correct forum ;)

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I can reliably reproduce this bug with trees, stone, farms, and metal mines. I haven't tried it with hunting. It also happens reliably whenever you task two women to construct a farm (only one actually gathers resources when they auto harvest.) Interestingly, this bug doesn't happen when gathering berries. (The only difference I can see is that berries are gathered in multiples of 2, while each other resource is gathered one unit at a time.)

I can not reproduce this bug using CitizenSoliders instead of Women. When using women, I can reproduce this bug even after waiting long enough for the first woman to deliver a full load of resources.

To reproduce, it helps if you assign each woman to their own control group, and only use two women.

I'm using latest SVN.

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