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SVN - Compressed response was truncated

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I've been looking around the bug report forum for a similar error like this one, but I haven't found anything... let´s see if someone can help me.

After reading the TortoiseSVN guide, installed the program and make the first checkout, these are the messages at the end of the log:






REPORT of '/svn/!svn/vcc/default': Compressed response was truncated



547,94 Mbytes transferred in 36 minute(s)

At the bottom of the window there was an "operation failed" message.

Is this normal?

I have also tried to right-click on my 0AD folder and selected "SVN update" in order to see if I could update the folder in case there were any file missing on the previous operation and I get the following message:


Working copy 'C:\0AD' locked.

'C:\0AD' is already locked.


"operation failed"

Also tried "rightclicking on my 0AD folder ->Tortoise SVN -> release lock" but it says "there is nothing to unlock"

I've never used the program but after reading the guide seems pretty easy to work with, and I wanted to familiarize with it before doing anything else.

Can anyone help me please?

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When it says "Working copy 'C:\0AD' locked.", that means it thinks TortoiseSVN is already running there. If it's definitely not (i.e. you're not accidentally doing two updates or checkouts simultaneously), then it's just confused (which is fairly common), so you should select the TortoiseSVN -> Clean Up option to get it back to a working state, and then do another SVN Update and it should continue the downloads, hopefully.

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Perfect! it worked!:D

Update completed At revision: 10544

The topic can be closed I guess... :)

No need to close topics unless the discussion gets out of hand :) Perhaps someone else will have a similar problem some time down the road and want to ask a follow-up question about it etc :)

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