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0 A.D. on YouTube

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Ganon    0

Nice. Was there a sync error dialog? Did it affect gameplay?

sync error occur in most online games but we found that in most cases is a false alarm

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av93    288

Cause i haven't too much time i will translate the text... Maybe the easiest part cause you can do it with a translator but maybe i m better than that.

Title: 0AD How to win JuBot

Description: Oasis 0 A.D Map. Already i have show how to win to DemoBot, now we raise a little bit the difficulty and we win to JuBot. With this Bot the waves are bigger and also, the quality of the enemy armies are better.

My strategy is almost the same, but with a little better performance

I hope that you will like!


If i have time this sunday i will try to translate the audio!! :)

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fabio    243

It says that Age of Empire Online sucks but to keep an eye on 0 A.D. which is historically based, has new factions, a graphic engine similar to Age of Mitology, nice code, developed by genial people and it's free.

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ribez    9

i haven't seen it entirely, but he makes a timeline about the Age of Empires saga (that he likes much) and then introduce Age of Empires online, and he was disappointed because of the poor graphic and the online concept of the game, all based on interaction with other players and quests:

- no historical background

- simplified gameplay

- AEO online seems Team Fortress

- it seems a parody of old AOE, and he has lost the feeling of old titles

- it's recommended only to new players, old players of AOE saga are disappointed

- it was developed by a company specialized in mobile games

@13.41 he says:

0 AD is the last hope for players who likes old AOE games, it's developed by people all around the world joined in the Wildfire Games group.

0 AD is continually updated, based on old Age of Empires, with a realistic and historical background, and with a graphic engine similar to AOM.

The game has worderful code, created by brilliant minds, that deserve my support. I want to take your attention for the future on this game, that is also free

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