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hallo there;D

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well hello people!

Age of empires has always been my favorite game series on the PC. my friends and i still play age of kings on LAN now and then. and during those matches, we discuss a whole lot of things that could've been better. "someone should actually make a remake of this game"

and after some internet searching this seems to be the closest project to that!

me being a intermediate modeller (i learned myself how to model, but the technical side of it is still a mystery to me)

here is some of my work:

this is a shot of the inside of a city wall for a medieval scene i made. made it in the spring of 2008.


this is some water of which i was very proud. it was the sun reflection and the waves which were so cool!


this is a shot of a hut in a level which i tried to import into halo: combat evolved. i failed, being really oblivious of the technical side of modelling > . <


hope you like it, and please comment.

furthermore, i am really into history, and metal music.

favorite bands are at the moment:

ensiferum, artas, equilibrium, eluveitie and korpiklaani.

i am 17 years old btw, living in barendrecht. a village near rotterdam, holland.

greetings, Imanu

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