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Found 6 results

  1. Another topic for helmets, for now i have this: From other topics i have this: The first helmet its recorded but says its damaged because my secondary hard drive is damaged so i used VLC to fix the video now its only visible through that program, i'll see if YouTube could handle the video later.rome_helmets.7z
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Nicholas Mind blown, santa was roman
  3. Any use can be given to this ? i was thinking on make a wallpaper but maybe can be rendered into something else, tried to make the guy down there. http://www.romehistory.co.uk/men/menofrome.html
  4. Have played romans but i fell something laks then remembered something that its really needed, Roman Empire, Roman republic, was caracterised by the jerarchy that his army had. Then I strongly suggest the Centurion to by a unit with radius of comand that adds bonuses like health or attack donno. Also other "supportive" units like standart mens, trumpet met, with radius to enhanced the legions
  5. A map I made. Rome attacks Carthage. The End. Please give any feedback/advice. Carthage_Rome.xml Carthage_Rome.xml
  6. when i choose 3 type of units: Marian leguionarus * legionarus romanun canturio legionarus, i gat this units "united", with only one icon, why???? is a design choice?? a bug???
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