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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, after playing 0ad for quite a while now I've noticed that a few units could do with some adjustments. 1)Spear Cavalry(citizens) These units are basically only good for molesting women and harassing small numbers of ranged units. They utterly fail in defending themselves vs their fellow skirmisher or sword counterparts, due to their extremely slow attack. While riding and fighting with a lance may be cumbersome, it still doesn't justify their snail-like attack. Light cavalry (their armour is minimal) are known for being fast(which they are) and for a reasonably fast attack due to
  2. To the point. Pikes get in the game a good bonus VS cavalry, which is nice an accurate, but it bugs me the fact that VS swordmen they are totally useless. If you have, lets say, 50 pikemen and 30 romans appear on that spot you are totally @#$%ed when, actually, romans found it really difficult to beat those factions that used pikes (Macedon) So... why not implement a pike phalanx feature? Like... if a pikeman has another pikeman right by his side they get a defense protection vs melee attacks. That way they could last long against enemy swordmen and hold them back, until their lines are finall
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