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Found 21 results

  1. Here we will focus in our first mesoamerican faction. i found more related info to aspects that Tomcelmare request how is the climate of this guys, what they did, etc, some conceptual design, gameplay art. Etc.
  2. I mean for modding and the game itself dark color marble. darkmarble.psd
  3. I'm opening this topic for two reasons. Firstly as an example of how a new civilization/faction is made from its concept. The second point is the facet of the title to be dealt with, we who are outside the internal forum of the team assume that there must be in private, forgotten somewhere, the topic of the Numidian faction. ------------------------------------------------------- Numidia, under the Roman Republic and Empire, a part of Africa north of the Sahara, the boundaries of which at times corresponded roughly to those of
  4. I open this task, I and I will take, the seleucid dont have their own variation with Seleucid symbols, instead of that the actual variation have the symbol of their enemies. I will make some desing for them.
  5. I know you all guy have been waiting with holden breaths. I will synthesize some of Darcreavers ideas, along with comments and suggestions from others, and merge them with some concepts from my mod to propose a new gameplay for 0 a.d. I hope you guy like this. I commend you for reading all the way through. General Concept In general, most think there are structural problems with the game's design. I will not comprehensively rehash them here as there are a dozen threads on this topic. I will simply propose the vision and you guys and accept or reject it. So, in keeping with my mo
  6. In the original design, every civ had acces to only 2 kind of champions, except Carths (2+1 elephant champ). Then came the Seleucids, and to avoid a big roster of then, the paired tech was made. Mauryan also had 4 champs (3+1 elephant), and that was given as an special civ bonus. Ptolemies have all cavalry champs, so they get the pikemen for balance. But then some random champs were added for greeks civs and persians, killing some of their special uniqueness and historical realism, because I don't know if that units were used by them. They were scenario units only.... Altough I understan
  7. An example of this letter. In our mods.. Every subject, from dentistry to dog handling has its own vocabulary — terms that are peculiar (unique) to it. Typography is no exception. Learning the lingua franca (lingo) of type will make typography that much more accessible; and that will, in turn, lead to greater understanding, and hopefully a greater appreciation for all things “type”. Today we’re going to take a look at just one of those terms, namely “Humanist”. You may have come across this term before (or you may even be thinking, what the hell’s that?). The term Humani
  8. I made this map for a demonstration purpose, and was wondering if a mountainous map should or shouldn't look more or less realistic in 0 A.D. This design has building limitations as its very mountainous, but in a mountainous region I imagine this would be true. Before continuing to expand the map which is in a medium size. I would like to know if pursuing a map design like this has any use before going to a large/giant size map.
  9. I don't se the point to don't have can someone explain this at this point? A RTS without natural counter, only pikeman/spearman have Here is the visual counter of first AoE and works perfectly.
  10. Well, the main aim of this topic is not to make a discussion of why techs trees could be filled. The aim is making a collective resource for devs or modders, if they want to augment the number of units of units for civs, reducing the uniqueness of the rosters, but making them easier to balance (I'm for a asymmetrical balance, and the difference could be done in other ways, but as I said, focus the thread into filling the rosters). I'm not saying that we should add or not this units. At first I would use fast and superficial sources. Later If I have time or somebody does it, I would post bet
  11. Here we follow the design of minifaction. my ideas. one hero one champion unit no wonders( only few exceptions) special for campaign maps/scenario. rooster composed by full faction units. rooster composed with unique units unique architrcture generic architecture from a full faction already in the game. ai very simple and change easil by a superior for. Betrays human players ask resources to their allies. represent minor cultures Unbalanced for gameplay proposes. focus in 3 types of units or classes.
  12. Why Seleucids only used Greek settlers where are the mercenaries? why catapultes aren't mountable and dismounted?
  13. In my view of bring closer "civilizations" and "barbarians tribes" and fighting ethnocentrism, I would like to open a discussion trying to break stereotypes. Not only for making justice and a game a little more historical accurate, but also cause I think (at least in design documents) that grecoroman civs gets a lot of mechanics and some civs like celts are like "spam a lot of warriors and go ahead". It's true that we have a lot of information regarding the "civilized" armies, and having standing armies means a lot of effort trying to get diverse estrategies and that imply different kind
  14. 1.Suggestion (concept) Let's start another suggestion thread. Hoping that would profit someone. This time is about heroes (very underused unit, mainly to kill sieges ) so let's go. Currently, heroes have 4 variables: - Avaliability (where and when you can train him) - Cost - Unit power (Is not the same Elephant than Spear hero) - Bonus So my point is to, instead of making each hero a concret bonus, let's take a specific number more general bonus and make combinations. For example: - Think about 10 classes of total bonus/kind of Heroes - Each civ get a combination of 3 heroes In more concrete
  15. References & Concept Art The first task is to find pictures of existing African buildings, we gathered hundreds of pictures of Northern African architecture. However, here we met our first challenge: were not making a set just for the Malians, were having them share their set with another African civ. So we had to make a generic African set, which is not something that exists. Time for concept art! We started with the market as our first building. The reason for this was two-folded. First of all, the market is a building that changes in all ages, so we can use its style and texture as a ba
  16. After discussion on IRC, we've come to the conclusion that the Iberian circuit wall is slightly overpowered. We believe that we should still make the Iberian player raidable, just make it difficult (instead of impossible as it is now). The solution we came up with was to remove the free gates and keep the open gaps in the wall. Secondly, we could remove auto-arrows from Wall Towers until a tech is researched in the Town Phase (a revamped "Night's Watch" tech). These two things combined could be enough of a nerf that we don't have to remove the circuit wall entirely, which would be a shame.
  17. Olmec : infantry Generic Name: Eagle Warrior Specific name : Cuāuhpipiltin Class: Spearman Armament: lance ( 1.20 m) and a round wooden shield . appearance : Basic: A tunic that starts from the waist to the knees , will gold bracelets on his left forearm , almost all basic units will look like this at first. Advanced: The robe will eagle feathers, have an ornate shield and leather armor . Elite : hull of a Golden Eagle , a layer of feathers that will be joined to the arms for a few bangles, a shield decorated with feathers at the bottom . History: cuāuhpipiltin (singular cuāuhpilli , "noble ea
  18. I think we currently lack a concept what the advantages and disadvantages of different food resources are meant to be. It's nice to simply have more variety of food resources but it should also have some impact on gameplay. In Age of Kings there was basically hunting for a boost in the beginning of the game and the berry-bushes for a fast start. After that these resources were more or less useless. Fishing was kind of an experiment and it depended on how the game developed if the investment paid back in the end. The main food source were farms. All resources were limited and depleted after a w
  19. It may be too much to ask to plan for a full-featured Graphics Settings menu screen for the game by Alpha 15 (December 2013), because the config system may need redesigned and a GUI redesign is currently being discussed. So, what I'd like to discuss is the possibility of a simplified Graphics Settings Menu screen for Alpha 15 and until the full-featured menu is ready. Basically just a simple screen that gives three options: Low: Basically everything turned off (e.g., nice water, shadows). Medium: The current defaults. High: All the whizbang featured enabled. All the stuff players currently hav
  20. Design Committee Thread here: http://www.wildfireg...showtopic=17311 My thoughts: Some have suggested and I like the idea of adding a Blacksmith structure for most factions. Basically, every faction that only has 1 barracks structure would get the structure (all except Persians, who have a Stables, and Carthaginians, who have multiple Embassies). The technology tree for the Barracks then would focus on Train Time, Health, Speed, and Basic->Advanced->Elite upgrade, while the Blacksmith's tech tree would focus on Weapons (attack) and Armor. I've already prototyped it (with a generic placeh
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