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Found 5 results

  1. Interesting points about the history and Age of the Aegean, thanks to both of you . Overall I think we did kinda lose ourselves in this civ business. I remember the "AoM like branching" discussions. I guess it would be an interesting idea for a game representing more of history? I'll agree with your that I'm going game first, history second, but some people do feel more at ease with the reverse.
  2. Yeah, it all kind of started with Michael's dream to convert 0 A.D. into his dream game he was calling "Age of the Aegean". I think the Hellenes were the first generic civ that was broken apart and split into multiple civs. When you look at RTS games 15 years ago (I'm not sure what is out there these days) you usually find that they are either many civs/races that are slightly different from one another (Age of Kings), or few civs/races that are drastically different from one another (StarCraft). Each Civ was supposed to have a general theme and favor a certain playing style...
  3. I don't think that artwork is a gigantic concern, it is always changing and evolving. It could always be used in the scenario editor, and could be changed on civ selection in game. I think the depth of strategy it would return to the game would be worth the trade off. With fewer factions, this enables greater diversity. The more factions you have, they all start to blend together in similarities - with only subtle differences. Balancing a dozen plus factions is also challenging. Red Alert had 2 factions. Star-craft had 3. The original 6 civs were chosen because they had some distinct hi
  4. I really like the idea of customizing your armies, which is an idea I've had for some years now. However, I think it would add too much work for our game and constitute a rather large amount of feature-creep. My ideal RTS though has customization, as it is in my 'Age of the Aegean' game design.
  5. Actually a bunch of stuff in "Age of the Aegean" were features I proposed for 0 A.D., but were rejected, LOL!
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