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  1. Hey this sux, I cant get any closer look to my country/city than what you actually see in a map!
  2. A while ago I saw on a documentary about future technologies, that Star Wars and Star Treck actually inspire scientists, therefore they seek the make such technologies true.
  3. Then we give them slight variations, so they are not the same.
  4. Can the rep appear when you change the skin of the forum?
  5. lol! would have been easier just to type it!
  6. Welcome back (even though I never knew you)
  7. Nice! This way we can heve less topics requesting additions. Maybe a favorites forum. Which has the forums where one posts most often
  8. Right... Any more op? But yeah they ARE cheats, so they should be OP. In that case I vote for the one above! ^ | |
  9. Well, go and enjoy yourself, have a nice time!
  10. yeah. how are cheats going to be entered? Just pressing enter? or a combination of keys?
  11. I believe that he meant that lets say winter does have an effect on gameplay, but the fact that its raining/snowing doesn't.
  12. True it is way harder to think in the language when you need to over translating word by word in your mind
  13. I second that! The p2p idea is great, the only problem is that there is a great chance of getting a corrupt file, or a virus, since we aren't sure if it is the original version, or if something else has been added.
  14. Iberians, since my family all came from Spain
  15. Welcome!!! Currently Im a plain student!
  16. Thanx! My first name is Esteban, with accent in the second "E". @ Uppy: srry I am more of a dog person. And no Im not a fan of Dakota Fanning. Actually In not that sure of what it is, but it rings a bell. @DABGE: I am sad to say that schoold does take most of my time. (I had my national tests this year, my teachers were driving us mad! ) But I do enjoy swimming! And jogging! @ Everybody: Thanks for the warm welcome!
  17. pretty good. but tratando is trying
  18. Im interested in playing music, but Im just to bad! The musical talent just isn't in me.
  19. Really? Well I take both classes together, we do give around half the course to each. An I also live in a country with spanish as the main language.
  20. Here is an article about Alexander the Great, known by many people as the greatest commanders of all history. He used tactics that were very unusual for his time. Without furtherado here is the link to the article. (I could c/p it, but im not sure if it is allowed.) Article PS: If I posted this in the wrong place, feel free to change it.
  21. Yeah, it was there that I first began modding, and heard of this place.
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