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  1. Hi! I recently gained access to the internet through a cellular phone, and noticed that every webpage shown consisted of limitless links and absolutely no relevant information regarding anything. Once you clicked a link, more incoherent links appeared with the same amount of information as the previous page.

    I was told that what was needed for the interent in the cellular to look like the one on a computer is a browser. Im not really sure what that is, or where I might get one. Can anybody offer a helping hand?

    Im not sure if this might be necesary but the mobil I have is the Palm Treo 650.

    Any additional information required please ask.

    Thank you beforehand for the replies.

  2. Judas might be evil depending on what you think his role was during Jesus' passion. (I believe thats how its called). Anyways in a way the most memorable act Jesus did was due to Judas. Was he greedy an a traidor? Or was he just fulfilling his part? You decide...

    I personally believe it was greed and betrayal what motivated him.

  3. lol! I think I had heard a different version of it. Of a guy who went to a barber shop. When the barber took the headphones he falls & dies. You know the rest.

  4. I do not believe the US has anything left to do. As somebody mentioned above, it just lacks an exit strategy. As the world's main superpower, the US cannot afford to exit without a vicory because it will signal surrender and weakness to its enemies.

    Perhaps the intentions of the US aren't that bad. but if you see the facts from an iraqi perspective the US is a cruel opressor which gives empty promises and is ever-menacing your nation. This very way of doing creates many terrorists that will do anything.The death of one man makes him a martyr, just like all the suicide bombers.

    This war is oddly similar to the COld War in the fact that it is a nation fighting an ideology. As dumb it might sound, you cannot bombard or shoot and ideology out of a population. The US knew it during the Cold War, thats why it used containment.

    It is sad to see that the US is fervently trying to put out a fire, with fire.

  5. Hey! I hope somebody here can help me out! Well there is this electronic song that real ly like. The problem is I dont know the song/artist. The music video is of a man running away from a (moving) robotic arm (those used to asseble prosucts). I know this description does not help too much, but its kind of hard to give more info about the ong here... Well anyways, I hope somebody remebers which song is this, and offers a helping hand!

    Thank you beforehand!

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