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  1. Make sure to change dir to gcc before running make ( cd gcc ). If you still get errors, please post the full console outupt.
  2. Cool, just a couple questions: what "total_size" is used for, can't it be just used the file size when distributed as a .zip?0ad mod is currently know as public, the dependency should then be named public rather than 0ad (or even better public should be renamed 0ad in game SVN);aristeia mods.json uses spaces rather than tab for indentation.
  3. I tried it and it's very cool indeed! My notes: has a different interface and also a mouse cursor!works fine on A16, gives some errors on SVN;it also has animated mills and animated soldier on the barrack!This should eventually be provided as a total conversion rather than a mod (removing 0ad civs, but I suppose this is already planned).
  4. Why not converting all the occurrences of float with integer in the xmls?
  5. Make sure to install all the dependencies listed at: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions#Debian8jessieorlaterUbuntu14.04trustyorlater libicu-dev may be missing.
  6. Please post all the build output. It may have failed before the last lines when building with more than one CPU.
  7. No numbers for the change at hand now, but the performance changes of that commit should be very small. You can try it yourself with: ./pyrogenesis -replay=/path/to/commands.txtI used pentium3 because it just matches what was previously used (sse, which first appeared on p3). Note that core2 also requires SSSE3, only supported by 64.7% (I am using a CoreDuo myself, so Core2 won't work here). Eventually we could force a minimum newer CPU (pentium-m or pentium4), losing (unless they change the default build flag) about 1-5% users (which IMO are too many, anyway) if there are clear performance advantages. Also keep in mind that on x86-64 (which is used by most Linux users) the minimum supported CPU is already a much newer CPU (core2 like).
  8. Lubuntu is still Ubuntu with a different GUI, you can follow instructions here: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/LatestReleaseLinux#Ubuntu
  9. The left side of the initial screen is getting too many buttons, maybe the box with the version and the three buttons (Website, Chat, Report a Bug) could be moved to the right side? This way there would be no need to rise the minimum resolution.
  10. There are some bug fixes, however: Collada Fix T38366: Export collada crash - if you set a keyframe (bb83bdf)Fix T32843: Collada Spotlight angle animation is in radians not degrees (d291d15)Fix T38847: Reject reuse of child bones as root bones. That doesn't make sense anyways (3111f08)
  11. A couple of questions: 1) do you plan to replace the time based events (phase advance, attack, ...) with events based on the current game status? 2) is Petra eventually intended to replace Aegis (as previously done with qbot) or is supposed to be kept as an alternative AI?
  12. Another ticket deleted and another user to delete: coustato . Something like this should be considered: http://trac.edgewall.org/wiki/SpamFilter
  13. I deleted the tickets, BTW. Someone should also delete these users: clouchip butoijoh wecliapr .
  14. Read carefully the linux building section: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions#Linux You should replace the call to ./update-workspaces.shin the building section with the one suggested in the Debian section. If you have problem pastethe error and all previous commands you did before that.
  15. 2 and 3 yes. 1 is still not fixed:
  16. Even better it should check every patch posted on the bug system and check it before anyone commits it. No idea if trac support it (github does, see here e.g. https://github.com/residualvm/residualvm/pull/840 ). Eventually I may provide a server for it.
  17. The wiki says: With that dependencies you have to run update-workspaces.sh with --with-system-enet --with-system-miniupnpc --with-system-mozjs185 --with-system-nvtt flags.
  18. Some more little issues: the first two combo-boxes on the top of the lobby should be a bit larger to accommodate the text they show; EDIT: fixed. (this is a regression since alpha 15) the visible part of the "Players" combo-box is only a little longer than the 8 elements it keeps (says it is 7.8 elements). This make it appear the sliding cursor which moves slightly the elements in the combo-box. I think the combo-box should not be long "7.8 elements", but is should keep an integer number of elements (so it should be long 7 or 8) to avoid this behaviour; EDIT: fixed. The Civilization combo-box in the match set up should be larger, while the Player Placements combo-box can be smaller.
  19. Also I think it would be nice to be able to change the theme (also for modders) without changing all occurrences in the code, but just pointing to a different dir with the new settings.
  20. EDIT:fixed. I see a similar problem, just try to use the lobby from the main menu, nothing happens and I can't click other buttons. EDIT:fixed. Also a minor tweaks: the "Learn to play" page from main menu has usually no empty line between the paragraph title and its paragraph (other than the main title "0 A.D. in game manual"). The "In Game" section however has an empty line after it.
  21. I don't like square maps, the corners are not realistic, especially if spotted for, e.g., defense purposes. Borders on a circle map are all the same in the map. In the past there were, however, some bugs with circle maps, like units disappearing out of the border, but I don't see any longer these problems recently.
  22. A lot of nice work, thanks to you!
  23. Apple doesn't want GPL software (as is 0 A.D.) on their markets. See Wikipedia App Store (iOS) and Mac App Store.
  24. Upgrading to v24 or v26 (or upcoming v27) are both welcome. Just some more Pros and Cons with going with v26, since the choice seems to be v24: Pros: no performance regressions;it's a newer version and mozilla developers could be more involved in helping and improving it;more time to progressively test and find bugs, updating to v27, v28, ... up until v31 is finally released;can be easily patched with test patches if needed;when v31 will be used, comparison will be done against a version as fast as v1.8.5, if using v24 now and upgrading later to v31 it will be faster than v24, but it will be difficult to say if it's faster than v1.8.5.Cons: Linux distro should compile against embedded version. It would better to avoid it, but it's not really a problem, there are other games doing the same, e.g. supertuxkart, see here;it adds more code to svn, there are some other things that could be removed anyway, e.g. bundled enet.Anyway the long term will be v31 with the option of using the system lib. In the meantime... thanks for all the months of work done so far!
  25. You may also want to see this problem (happened before recent changes): http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18036 Also simulation2 dir could be renamed to simulation (may break some not merged patches however).
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