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  1. This will require sid to update to 0.0.19 before, currently it's still 0.0.18: https://packages.debian.org/source/sid/0ad
  2. I just recommend to try alpha 19, see instructions here: http://play0ad.com/download/linux/#a0A.D.providedpackages
  3. I found this article that may be interesting, excerpt (our way ) quoted below. Read it all here.
  4. As a follow up, since r17412 postproc, smoothlos and all water features are also enabled when using a OpenGL4+ compatible card (cards released in latest 4 years should support it). This is only effective if you remove any reference to these settings in your config files, otherwise the settings there have a higher priority. These will also be effective on next autobuild, you may get some warnings until that. After the autobuild please test and report any possible problems. Still missing is enabling materialmgr.quality to 10.0 but this should be done after having a GUI option to let users disabl
  5. This should be fixed in r17347. It will be effective on next autobuild. Thanks for the report.
  6. If you are using SVN (will be in alpha 20), GLSL should now be enabled by default when using a graphic card supporting OpenGL 3+ (cards released in latest 8 years should support it) (r17338). Practically this should, for example, enable windy trees by default (still not advanced graphics effects). This is only effective if you remove any reference to preferglsl in your config files, otherwise the setting in the config files has the precedence. Also if you didn't properly install graphics driver, you'll now get a warning (r17339). And finally settings gentangents=true is no longer needed (you c
  7. Cool, you may want to add some screenshots to demonstrate your changes before trying it.
  8. What operating system are you using? Did it work with previous release? Did you install some mod or manually customise your config files?
  9. It also has an old style look! BTW isometric view was already discussed here.
  10. Out of curiosity, did you also contributed to other games, which ones, if this is shareable?
  11. Since this is a common request I'd like to enable by default more gfx effects on newer cards in alpha20. Specifically, GLSL when using an OpenGL 3+ cards (see here the ticket with patch), and everything on OpenGL 4+ cards. This will need testers to make sure there are no problems on some cards.
  12. Nice video, I suppose you spent a lot of time into it!
  13. Nice renders! BTW, Italy police forces really use Lamborghinis!
  14. BTW, I suppose the string freeze could be relaxed in case like this, given that also the release date is not finalized and probably not near anyway. Not a big deal anyway.
  15. 15.04 should have a18: http://packages.ubuntu.com/source/vivid/0ad
  16. You may also remember this joke : http://play0ad.com/important-announcement/
  17. Welcome and thanks for the report! Game Setup should eventually be improved, especially for trigger and special maps. You may also want to have a look at #3013 and #3049.
  18. I added a ticket here: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/3363
  19. Is this supposed to be fixed? I seem to still be able reproduce it (units trying to drop food and stone, continually walking in the same position next to the CC but never able to reach it and drop their load). commands.txt and screenshot with yesterday svn. commands.txt
  20. Did you install all the dependencies and tricks listed here for Ubuntu? http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions#DebianUbuntu
  21. CC-BY is compatible with CC-BY-SA (which is a bit more restrictive).
  22. Hi Radagast, 0 B.C. looks promising! To start collaborating in the best way you may want to submit some of the 0 B.C. patches and attach them on a trac ticket. You may start to do it for patches that fix bugs or add features that should be common in both 0 B.C. and 0 A.D. (some 0 A.D. features are listed in GameplayFeatureStatus, GSOC_Ideas or other wiki pages, existings tickets or already discussed and approved on the forum). Then the patches can be reviewed and eventually merged in 0 A.D.. Some patches may take a bit of time before being reviewed and merged. This way both projects could ben
  23. That bug was fixed before A18, or are you referring to another one?
  24. Hi, as decided in the last meeting, SDL2 is now enabled by default in SVN on Linux (it was already enabled on Windows and OS X). There is no more need to pass --sdl2 to update-workspaces.sh. To properly build SVN make sure to install sdl2 development library >= 2.0.2 as explained in BuildInstruction wiki page. If you notice issues with SDL2 you can still build with SDL1, passing --sdl1 to update-workspaces.sh. In this case make sure, however, to report the issue so that we can fix it or eventually revert to SDL1 by default.
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