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  1. @Juli51 did you place that buildings in first post in Atlas or during a game? IIRC in Atlas you can place buildings everywhere, while inside a game the terrain is required to be flat, and that should make this issue more difficult to happen.
  2. I tried building this way in a PPA but it still fails: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/298448581/buildlog_ubuntu-trusty-amd64.0ad_0.0.21-2~gd~t_BUILDING.txt.gz
  3. AFAIK there is no more packaged version of alpha20 for 14.04. You may want to upgrade to 16.04 which works fine with alpha21, wait for a proper fix or wait someone (maybe me when I'll have some time) packages alpha20 for 14.04.
  4. This issue only happens in Ubuntu 14.04. Upgrading to 16.04 will avoid it. See here for instructions: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes#Upgrading_from_Ubuntu_14.04_LTS_or_15.10
  5. I thought the same, but also noticed they have at least one other RTS (Red Alert 2), (don't know if there are others RTS in their list).
  6. https://openai.com/blog/universe/ https://universe.openai.com/ They are also searching for games to use to train it:
  7. A thing that annoyed me about the alarm feature was that units gets randomly garrisoned in buildings. And women in towers (and also in other military buildings?) cannot fire arrows (IIRC). Would be possible to prioritize garrisoning in a way to maximize defence, for example women in houses (both cannot fire arrows IIRC) while soldiers in military buildings? (Not sure if this still applies in latest release) About the AI: yup it is very strong! A trick that works with AI is to use towers, put them as soon as possible near the AI base and it would easily kill most of it workers walking arou
  8. Apparently many new maps introduced in A21 are square: https://play0ad.com/new-release-0-a-d-alpha-21-ulysses/
  9. All your installations used Debian 9? Do they also have the same version of mesa? Mesa in Debian 9 will be upgraded from 12.0.4 to 13.0.1 in 5 days, anyway: https://packages.qa.debian.org/m/mesa.html Maybe you can try the 13.0.1 packages currently in sid and see if the issue is fixed.
  10. Most likely an issue with vmware driver. You may want to report it here: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=Mesa
  11. Some animals also miss some animation. Someone should make a list
  12. Your hardware shouldn't make the game crash. When does it happen? Is it always reproducible?
  13. Awesome! If you have some time you may want to da a video about it with in-game cutscenes: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/3301
  14. fabio


    Already briefly discussed here: I would suggest to update his video drivers and eventually, if he has an integrated gfx card, increase video memory. Other suggestions can be found on google, as this may be an error not only specific to 0 A.D..: https://www.google.it/#q=gl+error+1285
  15. There is already a trigger map with Romans passing by, IIRC. These could be useful for future campaigns.
  16. It's looking great! I also posted this in the ITS 3d-print model NasaSpaceFlight forum thread, where the model has been posted.
  17. Cool! You may also want to add the ITS spaceship, a CC-BY model (likely an incompatible format, but other formats are in work) is available here.
  18. xres and yres works only on windowed mode IIRC. On fullscreen the screen resolution is always used.
  19. An open source ETC2 compressor is available now: https://medium.com/@duhroach/building-a-blazing-fast-etc2-compressor-307f3e9aad99#.1l2q8fiwh
  20. About 1. there is such a setting to scale the GUI: scale = 1.0 ; GUI scaling factor, for improved compatibility with 4K display See this page for more info on using custom settings: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Manual_Settings
  21. Enabling vsync in the config will cap the fps at your monitor refresh rate, and probably decrease CPU usage.
  22. If you want to submit audio files you should provide them in lossless flac or wav format, not ogg, so that they can be stored in the art repository as original format, and then recompressed in lossy ogg (this can be done losslessly more times when having the original uncompressed file).
  23. This is a known issue: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/3678
  24. The software used for this videos is gource: http://gource.io
  25. A20 enable some more GFX features by default. It may be that one of those trigger the issue. I'd suggest to upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04, which is the current LTS version and has many updates and fixes. EDIT: if you cannot upgrade, try disabling some setting starting with preferglsl=false.
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