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  1. Oops, you are right. Fixing the typo the simulation completes without any error, issue I experienced cannot be reproduced this way.
  2. Also a different problem, when starting the default map I get this: WARNING: JavaScript warning: simulation/ai/aegis/defence-helper.js line 302anonymous function does not always return a valueWARNING: JavaScript warning: simulation/ai/aegis/defence-helper.js line 315anonymous function does not always return a valueWARNING: JavaScript warning: simulation/ai/aegis/defence-helper.js line 343anonymous function does not always return a valueWARNING: JavaScript warning: simulation/ai/aegis/defence-helper.js line 352anonymous function does not always return a valueWARNING: JavaScript warning: simulation/ai/aegis/defence-helper.js line 360anonymous function does not always return a valueI will report as a ticket if needed.
  3. I tried the introductory tutorial and seemed to work fine, until I was asked to build more units from the barracks. At that point I got a "Segmentation error (core dump created)" and game closed (no core dump that I can see). Probably unrelated to the AI changes however. Since v1 and v2 are no longer present you may rename common-api-v3 just to common-api. EDIT: attached commands.txt for the play that crashed, however the replay doesn't trigger the crash. commands.txt
  4. Nice! For great justice I edited your post and show the image without opening the link.
  5. Trees are already moving with the wind if you enable Advanced graphics settings.
  6. Well that should be evaluated, maybe it could eventually show the range only when there is only one selected unit. I found it useful in other RTSs, you can put snipers than can protect a passage or things like that. I agree it may not be necessary for 0 A.D. itself, anyway (maybe for a mod).
  7. Thanks, eventually a similar system could be used to show the weapons range, it won't work with props and should be similar to the territory borders, since its form it's not always the same. There were a ticket for it with an example but I cannot find it.
  8. There is preliminary support for aura visual indicator in SVN, courtesy of sanderd17. In this shot the temple has green rays, the hero elephants. I noticed a minor issue, it looks the aura still is part of the actor, e.g. I cannot set a default starting position for units from the temple inside the aura.
  9. Add this to your local.cfg: vsync = trueEventually it could be made the default (less system load/heat/flicker).
  10. I was playing a skirmish map on r14453 and got the following errors when enemy attached. commands.txt is attached. commands.txt.gz
  11. Thanks, this is a bit unexpected, so 1.0 seems to be working fine for someone.
  12. What we found is that the lobby appear to not be properly working when using gloox 1.0 (libgloox.so.8 - this is the standard version now in Debian/Ubuntu), while it works with 1.0.9 (libgloox.so.11 - this is in the Ubuntu 0ad PPA and possibly other distributions).
  13. Another thing that I would like to see in alpha16 is enabling by default, when possible, advanced graphics settings. This will require user testing on different hw, fixing rendering bugs when found, blacklisting other hw that cannot support it. This should also be done in the early phase of a planned release.
  14. Post the output of: dpkg -l | grep gloox So it's ok under fedora, the problem was on Ubuntu?
  15. It would be nice if we can include the translation work, even better in this early alpha16 phase, so that translators can easily try it from SVN and update translations according to game testing (blind translation without game testing leads to poor results, and merging and compiling by self the translation branch is not for everyone).
  16. I added a note about the new version on the wiki on the first post.
  17. This looks strange. What Ubuntu alpha15 package did you use (the one from the PPA or something else)? How did you get it working when building from source? Can you post the output of: $ ldd /PATH/TO/pyrogenesis | grep glooxfor both the version built from source and the packaged one, specifying again for each version if the lobby works?
  18. This will be in alpha15:http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/1922 http://trac.wildfiregames.com/changeset/14286 You may want to update the planes .
  19. There is a page on the wiki: GameplayFeatureStatus. However I think it is neither accurate and neither up to date .
  20. Nice, I'll have a look if the extension get updated before 10.0.
  21. A bit OT relating to Android, but mesa has a new extensions for querying features of the rendering devices: http://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/tree/docs/specs/MESA_query_renderer.spec http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTUwNzc
  22. It looks the lobby uses the port 5222 which may be closed in some environments (e.g. the one I am trying it now). Since the server is managed by WFG can another standard common port be used (80/443?)? Eventually 5222 could also be left open (especially if it is intended to be used by other xmpp clients other than the game itself), the game could try connecting to 5222 and, if it fails after a timeout or get a ICMP destination unreachable, try the other port.
  23. 0 A.D. is already available for arm since Ubuntu 13.10.
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