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    Setup of this game ?

    Yes, I have contacted your buddy and shared my msn with him.
  2. Crescento

    Setup of this game ?

    I believe a short trailer, 1 minute and a half to mention most features like the amount of civilizations, quality of visuals and effects, seige engines, hero system, whatever the game highlights are and finally a few lines of text with a link to let people know that you need more hands. I work with video edition and post production, if you figure its a good idea I will give a hand. There is simply not enough advertising, the way I found this site was while a I googling for hoplite images/concept art as reference to model it.
  3. Crescento

    Completeness of the game

    If you spread the word about this on going project maybe you can get someone with the right knowledge to give a hand.
  4. Crescento

    Wildfire Games Application Form

    It seems so, there is a .DAE extension and the next dialog includes some COLLADA options.
  5. Crescento

    Wildfire Games Application Form

    Greetings, Just recently, early december I believe, I stumbled upon this page while looking for reference on google to model a Hoplite. I must say I am pleased to see such an ambitious Indie Game, kudos for that. I am really interested in joining the team, I haven't filled an application because of the amount of university work I had over the past month, but after a couple of months it should be easier. I have one question before officialy filling the app though, I see you mention 3dsmax and Blender listed in the 3D Artist opening, but my current software of choice is Maya, does your exporting scripts support Maya? Back when I was learning 3D on my own from the web I used 3dsmax, I really enjoyed it and its not until recently that I had decided to give it up because where I study they only teach Maya, and for that reason I have not used 3dsmax in at least 2 years. I also have Photoshop and video editing/composition knowledge. Aplying for the Animator position is also a possibility in the future, I have very little first hand experience with animating because most of the models I made were for games that already had their skeleton rigged and ready to be weighted. Saludos.