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  1. Thank you for the speedy responses. =) I guess this is one of the consequences of getting a laptop on which you never intended to play any game more advanced than AoK.
  2. The main menu and match set-up work perfectly, but as soon as the match loading bar hits 100%, the game freezes and this pops up: I can't find the function for attaching files at trac.wildfiregames.com or on the forums, but here's crashlog.txt: Perhaps my humble system is not up to the game? MS Windows Vista 32-bit Intel Core 2 CPU T5200 (1.60 GHz) 1 GB RAM
  3. That is so fake. OBVIOUSLY, the Carthaginians were the ones experimenting with Genetics.
  4. *Gets the impression that somebody wants to use the engine for their own means.* I thought I'd just stop by to say hi to 0ad from TLA. Well... hi!
  5. Ooh! Nice screen! Morning's Wrath looks great!
  6. *Breathes in deeply* Ah, the smell of productive work. Hi, I'm from the TLA side of things. I decided to start looking at 0ad too, as it's much further ahead than TLA. Your music and screenshots are wonderful.
  7. I have a query. Will the goods produced by the teams differ, like in The Last Alliance? If so, do the Celts get salt?
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