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  1. @Argalius Well we're not working on it yet, but at the end or after my and her studies we will (4 years to go to become a daddy )
  2. When my father delivered eggs in Brussels (he was a chicken farmer) he always bought some bread and coffee for a homeless person who was begging at the door of one of his clients. It was a really nice guy, but he got handicapped and because he was self-employed he only got a very small pension. Almost all his money goes to his handicap (he can't walk), so there isn't much left for a roof. He told us once that he was in the hospital. Since he was a veteran in Congo the king visited him there and give him 100 euros. He declined the money and told the king that he's a hypocrite by doing this, giving money when the media is around, pretending to care about the homeless while living in a huge palace. I admire people who have the courage to do that, but unfortunatly it gets them in a big mess :/
  3. Well in fact it's pretty much those stories that convince me to stop. I guess I'll try it cold turkey
  4. Heh, watch out for Tim Valahiru, he's the Don Juan around here Congrats btw
  5. My all time favourite is I Claudius and Claudius the Great by Robert Graves. Pretty long, has its boring moments, but it has everything you look for in a book (or what I look for ).
  6. I only lost 5 or so posts when the spam posts were deleted
  7. Lol, can you give me a link? I'm a smoker but I would like to stop too. I've promised my gf to stop when she's pregnant, but the sooner the better of course
  8. Really depends. Most "homeless" people around here aren't homeless, they are just part of a network trying to get money that way. You usually see who they are, so if I see a real homeless person I'll probably give some money. But in reality we don't have real homeless people around here. If they are homeless they are either illegal immigrants or people who simply want to live that way. Those illegal immigrants only have to register to get a roof above their head.
  9. 0 A.D. isn't open source. With open source the source is always available, that's what open source stands for
  10. Lol, girls aren't expensive I have a gf, and yes, sometimes I have stress. But it really is worth it, and a little bit of stress in your life is always good, it gets boring otherwise
  11. Lol that's great. Strange they are using those while loops, I suppose that isn't needed, certainly not in PHP. They didn't include Ruby or Coldfusion
  12. Nice interview Zezar, congrats Looking forward to that trailer
  13. Well there's much more than art and architecture here. There is for example erm... fries! and... beer! One thing, what I found strange regarding American and Japanase tourists, is that you should take your time while visiting Europe. Americans and Japanese just rush through Europe missing the most beautiful things. I've been nearly 20 times to France in my lifetime, always 1-2 weeks, and I've probably only seen 10% of what's worth visiting. Even in my own country, which is so small, I still discover very beautiful places every year. So if you ever feel the urge: rent a car for a month and drive through Europe
  14. Oh Lasgo. Well such groups come and go in Belgium, it's quite pulp considered by most people here (except in the popular music scene). Really, I believe nearly 30 cities in Belgium have their groups like Lasgo. I heared they are popular abroad, but I never knew Lasgo was considered a prominent name in the international trance scene. Anyway, you sure should visit Bruges once, and let me know so I can be your guide. You'll notice it's just a small provincial city (120.000 citizens), but regarding medieval architecture, history and musea it's quite a metropole. It's really funny with all those tourist. A friend and I had the habit of trying to be on as many photos as possible. I guess quite a few Japanase families have photos of us Oh and in Maldegem, the town I live in, we have the best youth hostel of Belgium. Really cheap to sleep and you have the luxury of a hotel. It's only 12km from Bruges and there's a bus halt to Bruges quite close. (But I bet you'll forget that by the time you're in Rome )
  15. Oh I remember something. Maybe they went to the infamous Lamborghini disco in my town, which is close to Bruges. It's quite a big one, sometimes with important acts, they might be referring to that?
  16. Of course, because they have no scene Really, I don't know where the idea comes from, seems so strange to me. Bruges is really nothing more than a tourist city, and a very small one. Ghent and Antwerp have a trance scene, but Bruges really seems unlikely. Anyway, if you ever find back where you read that you're always welcome to show it to me, perhaps I missed something
  17. Well you only go to sites/blogs/forums regarding topics you're interested in, and after a while you usually see which of these provide most quality content. So there is tons of rediculous stuff on the internet, but that doesn't mean you can't find what you need
  18. I've always been respectful. I don't see why I shouldn't be since I always had enough freedom. Well that doesn't mean we always agree. But if we don't agree I usually don't go on about it and just do what they ask.
  19. Yeah in Belgium we kiss 3 times too. We're the 3-times-kissing region of Europe Yeah it's strange in Belgium if you don't give a women 3 kisses to say hi. Men usually give a hand, but hugging is also quite common.
  20. btw @Adam Why's Bruges the home of trance? I'm half living in Bruges (gf lives there ) and I don't know there's a trance scene, there aren't even discos there. Well that's if you're talking about the music genre But Bruges is a must see for foreigners. I'm not too fond of Bruges, because there are too many tourists (and probably because I'm used to it too much), but for someone who doesn't know it it's quite impressive. But a city which is even a lot more beautiful than Bruges is Ghent. Ghent isn't the usual tourist stop, but it's like Bruges and a lot more. More mediaval buildings, more cafés and shops, twice as big, not so touristic and it's a university city. If you're going to Bruges Ghent isn't far away, only 50km east of it, so you can easily visit them both, even in one day. Another btw I've made a site about Flanders for an NPO promiting Flanders. You can read about our cities and such there (includes nice big photos): http://www.flandersonline.org All about Brussels: http://www.flandersonline.org/en/subject/5 Flemish cities: http://www.flandersonline.org/en/flanders/1/5
  21. Lol they have the exact same cows in Brussels Well 98 euros for one dinner is very much. I suppose you ate on the Zavel (Sablon en français), very expensive there, or in the rue des bouchers. If you go to a restaurant for the locals you get much better food for 10-30 euros/person . Well thunderstorm isn't good weather here. It rains here quite a lot but we also have many sunny days. It's just something people like to joke about
  22. Lol, Manneke Pis child porn How did you like Brussels? Jeez, are those cows still in Brussels, those festivities have been over nearly a year ago Oh and azerty keyboards are great Oh and that building in the background of 'typical area' is the palace of justice in Brussels, the largest in the world and built with money from exploiting the blacks in Africa
  23. Well got my bescherelle bible for the 3rd group Thanks for the explanation Curu
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