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  1. So I asume you're going by Eurostar? I guess you won't have much time if you come from The Netherlands. Hmm well you summed it all up: Tower Bridge, Big Ben, the Tower, British Museum. If you only have one day you'll have to pick one of these because you won't be able to visit it all at once. I recommend the Tower, but there are very long waiting lines (depending when you're going), otherwise the British Museum (it's free!). But mind you, you can spend a whole week in the British Museum, it's huge.
  2. Nice job Jordan and Svede, great accomplishment
  3. Nice My parents each have a Peugeot Partner, so basicly the same car as yours. Really great things to drive; it's not a sports car, but drives very smooth and easy compared to normal cars.
  4. I have 250 invites (5 accounts ). So, if someone needs a batch
  5. I think the articles on that site aren't meant to be serious
  6. Yep. It's quite a nice trick imo, they had me going for a while until I figured out the pattern and that the symbol is changed each time you try again.
  7. http://users.telenet.be/EYES-T/ Try this thing out, a program that can read your mind Anyway, of course that is impossible, so feel free to explain what's going on (it's not that hard actually).
  8. The cocaine incident was reported on the radio, local newspapers and about two national newspapers. The XTC incident however was reported both on national tv, radio and newspapers.
  9. Twice, once at Planet Age of Empires because they quit having a scenario design forum (I was a mod together with Cheezy), and at DGDN because I left the team. Lost it here too two times actually, once because I left for a while and once because I quit being mod at HoI.
  10. I have work too ATM, well several jobs actually. During summertime I do some big web design projects (usually 2 at €1.000/project) and during the year I have a job as website updater (€25/hour, 1 hour a week) and I'm making layouts (3 thus far at €300/layout). It's a big improvement compared to my previous jobs for which I was paid around 7€/hour, 5 days/week, during 4 weeks a year. Sadly though in Belgium there's a limit to what you can earn each year as a student, around €2250, so I have to limit my jobs to that. In case I earn more I'll have to pay taxes.
  11. It seems it wasn't limited to that. They were also renting a building elsewhere where the police found a huge amount of XTC, the largest amount found in Belgium thus far. That must be a lot since 20% of the XTC traffic and production world-wide goes through Belgium.
  12. Lol, why is everybody thinking that the police would give away such an expensive camera?
  13. Well a few days ago they took the camera away and arrested the whole bunch. They found 2 tons (2000 kilograms) of cocaine
  14. I already know WFG from the first day it was founded. I was leading DGDN back then and tried to form a network with them, which didn't really work out Two years or so later I left DGDN (lack of interest in designing scenarios) and joined WFG as webmaster (was it December 2001 or 2002?) since they were recruiting members.
  15. Well I'm interested in Eastern Europe in particular so: - Czech (been to Prague and Karlovivari, but want to see more of it) - Slowakia - Hungary (been there too once but only Budapest) - Slovenia (small chance that I'll go there this summer) - Croatia - the Baltic states For more remote locations I would like to see: - Suriname (Dutch ex-colony) - China - India - South Korea - Japan - Mexico - Canada - Morroco - Turkey I've never been that far yet. I've seen much of Belgium's neighbours (The Netherlands, France, UK, Luxemburg, Germany) and a bit of Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Czech and Hungary.
  16. Ah yeah, that makes more sense why he's black.
  17. And even in Belgium only a part knows or celebrates Sinterklaas. In West-Flanders for example they don't, they celebrate Sint Maarten (as originally in a large part of Flanders). Sinterklaas = Saint Nicolas, so it easily translates to Santaclaus. But Santaclaus is also based on a Germanic god (can't remember which one exactly). So we feast Sinterklaas first, and after it Santaclaus in the Christmas period. Sinterklaas is for the children. He has a book in which he writes which kid has been naughty or kind. The naughty kids get 'punished' by Sinterklaas' servant, Black Pete (Zwarte Piet in Dutch, someone with a black skin in 16th-century clothes). The good children get a present (well in reality they all get a present ).
  18. Well go to php, scripts and programs Then you should look in the News Publishing, Form Processors and (probably, maybe unlikely) File Manipulation categories. When choosing a script look for the following: Is mysql needed (don't choose scripts that require mysql if you don't have mysql on your server) Is the required php version equivalent or lower than the one on your server Do you have to pay for it, is it a trial (you should choose free open source scripts, GPL license or something, tend to avoid 'freeware' since those are usually badly programmed, experienced programmers will use the GPL license or something in that nature) Be sure to check the ratings (don't get those that are rated low, but a high rating doesn't always mean quality) Be sure to check out the site of the script/developers first; if it seems to be a popular script it will most likely suit your needs.
  19. You probably have php 4.3.something, which is the most common version ATM. http://www.hotscripts.com For such kind of things you don't need a custom script, just download one from internet and install it, it's not that hard It's easy to program though, if you find a decent php programmer with enough time
  20. Hmm either the Flemish are weird but 2 hours is actually quite normal around here, except when it's just for lunch. But we live by the Burgundian life-style
  21. Well it's 160.000 now My sister-in-law and her boyfriend were in Thailand when it happened, luckily they went north three days before it happened.
  22. Yep, strings are very important. These is the bad side imo, since if you always want a good sound, expect to put down a lot of money for strings. After two weeks your strings will loose their fresh sound, so if you care about that you'll have to buy new ones. I'm using D'addarios, special flat wound ones, which cost here around €15 for one pack (that's 6 strings). I recommend D'addorio normal wound light gauge. They're a bit more expensive than other brands, but it's worth it. Don't get heavy gauge strings or flat wounds unless you need it. These are good for jazz or surf music, but not for rock or blues. The heavier the gauge, the harder to play them, because they are much harder to push and bend. For cables I recommend a short one. The shorter, the better the quality. Of course there are long cables of good quality, but they are much more expensive. The only effect you need as a beginner is distortion. You already have it on most amps anyway, but a single distortion unit is much better. If you want to experiment with more effects I suggest a digital effect unit. There are cheap ones available such as the Zoom 505 ($50-$100) which includes 30 different effects IIRC. For the best quality you should go for analogue effect units. The best brand imo is Electro Harmonix, but the traditional rock player usually goes for a Boss analogue unit. These are more expensive though, you'll pay $35-$200 for only one effect. Another option is buying an amplifier with a digital effect unit built into it. Fender has such an amp, but it's very expensive ($2000 I think). Line6 is the brand to go for in this case; they are the pioneers in mass producing such amps and they offer cheap models too.
  23. The Edge plays all the popular ones: Les Paul, Stratocaster and Telecaster. But I think his sound is made by the effects he uses, mainly delay. The Eagles are real Gibson players, so a Les Paul will do fine. The thing is that Les Paul guitars are expensive, The Gibson ones start from $1000, the Epiphones around $300. There are alternatives like the Les Paul copies from Encore, but I can't garantuee you any quality in that case Which type of guitar you choose really depends on what you like to play: - nylon stringed acoustics: Good for classical music or flamenco. They are the hardest to play imo since the neck is quite wide. If you ever want to learn that it's required to know music notation and theory and you will lickely need a teacher. Many flamenco musicians don't know any theory though, but these are usually naturaly talented people . You also play these with your finger nails, not a plectrum. They are they easiest to carry with you, small and light. They are also the cheapest guitars you can find, though the professional models can of course be very expensive. - acoustic/folk/archtop guitars are good for folk music or jazz à la Django Reinhardt (Gipsy Jazz), or acoustic/unplugged rock music. Also harder to play than an electric, but easier to carry with you. You also have electro-acoustic guitars. They have a special element and an output so you can connect it with an amplifier to have a louder sound. I don't encourage you to get one like that though, only suitable for musicians who play on concerts and who have enough dough to get a quality electro-acoustic (the cheap ones are crap usually). - electric guitars are the easiest to play (well except if you get a really bad one). The neck is quite thin and they usually have a curved body. If you get a mediocre one they can also be adjusted to various types of strings. For example if you put thick strings on them you can adjust the tension of the neck and the bridges. You can even adjust they height between the neck and the strings. The negative side is that you need an amplifier and that the guitar is quite heavy (it's a full piece of wood as opposed to the hollow cases of acoustics). There are however very small (10-15 watt) amps, and even mini amps (5-10W), the size of a cigarette pack. There are also semi-acoustic guitars. These are usual electric guitars but with a hollow body. They are usually used for jazz, blues and rockabilly (Brian Setzer). You won't find these for a cheap price though, starts at $300 and a decent one will cost between $600 and $2000. For some cheap brands: http://www.squierguitars.com/ (good for beginners, Fender budget brand) http://www.gretschguitars.com/ (good if you want les paul style guitars, also a Fender brand) http://www.epiphone.com/ (good for beginners, many Les Paul styles, and also acoustics, a Gibson budget brand)
  24. Oops Well I got them a DVD player last year, not sure what to get now. Maybe some aquarel paint for my dad, and I'm helping my mother with her job so she has more time off during the holidays
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