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  1. I have no experience doing this so I don't know the details, but most likely you'll need a Java servlet container like Apache Tomcat.

    It's definetely not Camino, it's just that Apache sees your page as a regular HTML page (it doesn't know it needs to send a .jsp along the Java VM) so it will show nothing. Everything between < > that is not a HTML tag is ignored/not shown in most browsers, so that's why you have no output. If you check the source you should see the same source code as in your .jsp file.

  2. Those cards don't need directx10, they just support it. These cards also support directx9 and are much better at it than previous generations. So if you want a great gaming card that can take the latest games on highest settings you should get one of those imho, unless you find them to be too expensive of course :)

  3. Don't get an AMD, get an Intel Core 2 Duo. Much more bang for the buck and less power usage and heat. AMD used to be better than Intel during the Pentium D days, but that's over now with the Core 2 Duo's.

    An Asus P5B motherboard goes well with this if you're on a budget.

    Also, if you're not planning to overclock your CPU don't get that memory. You can get 2GB Kingston PC5300 Value ram for half that price.

    If you want a good gfx card have a look at either an ATI 2900XT or an Nvidia 8800GTS 320 MB. These are directx10 cards and a very good bang for the buck.

  4. You might want to consider spending money on a quality notebook, not gaming. Not sure what you're going to do at college, but if you need your laptop regularly you'll need a relieable one.

    Imho notebooks are not for gaming, except if you want to spend loads of money on it. If you have a desktop suitable for gaming use that one.

    What's really important for a notebook for college is screen resolution (can't be high enough), portability, battery life and build quality.

    Trust me, a third of the people in my class got rid of their gaming notebook in favor of an HP or IBM/Lenovo during the past 3 years.

    Have a look at Lenovo thinkpads or the pro line of HP in case you're interested.

  5. Klaas:

    Eclipse: for heavy coding stuff, has lots of great plugins

    What do you mean by heavy coding stuff?

    Well mainly anything that is project based with tons of files. So this is mostly desktop app development in Java, sometimes a PHP project.

  6. OS X :)


    Seriously, I bought a mac in october and I haven't touched my PC ever since, except for a casual game. It's a very cool OS for development, especially web development. Great for multitasking, lots of cool applications, power of UNIX at your fingertips, etc.

    On my mac I use these dev tools:

    - MAMP: easy PHP/MySQL/Apache installation

    - Eclipse: for heavy coding stuff, has lots of great plugins

    - TextMate: lighter coding stuff, ideal for xhtml/css/javascript/php stuff

    - SVN command line client

    - Serverskine: ssh/ftp/mysql/etc account manager

    - Photoshop

    - LineForm: great vector drawing app, lighter and cheaper than Illustrator

    - Transmit: very good ftp/sftp client

    - and of course lots of unix command line stuff for daily tasks or applescripts

  7. Lol you have to explain your questions a bit better :shrug:

    What you're asking is how you can display data in a table (that's what it's called: table). It's important for us to know though where you want to display it.

    Anyway you want to display it in a forum. This depends on what kind of forum and what access you have.

    If you're allowed to use HTML you do it like this:

    <th>Faction name</th>
    <th>Guild name</th>
    <th>Member count</th>

    For more info on tables go to http://www.w3schools.com/ and look at the HTML tutorial and the XHTML reference

    If you are not allowed to use HTML you'll have to use BBCode, but the forum has to support BBCode to display tables. Most forums don't allow that or have that feature, so in that case there's no solution.

    I would also advice you to look through the forum documentation first. You'll find a list a BBCode tags in there normally, so if you can't find anything there that you need the forum most likely doesn't support what you're trying to do.

  8. I bought it too since I'm a big fan of this genre B)

    If you have Oblivion be warned that it's very different. I bought it with the thought that it would be something like Oblivion but obviously I was very wrong.

    I don't like Gothic's gameplay that much. It's mostly hack and slash, talk to this person, etc. Nothing really new or exciting imho and it's pretty hard to follow the story. Oblivion is far more creative in that area and adds much more variety (eg. the questlines of the several guilds).

    It's quite immersive though. Tons of items, many actions to perform and a huge amount of different enemies.

    Regarding graphics I can't really say which game I like most. Gothic has better forests and cliffs and the cities look very good. The bad thing though is that the people don't look very good and the developers didn't pay much attention to little details.

    The bad thing about Gothic 3 is the performance and the bugs. Every 30 mins or so my computer shuts down for whatever reason. And saving/loading is horribly slow compared to Oblivion.

    It's a good game and it would have been much better without the random crashes and long saving/loading time, but Oblivion wins hands down imho. Gameplay is the most important thing for me and Gothic 3 just feels like yet another RPG while Oblivion adds very interesting and immersive quests.

    If you don't believe me just do the Dark Brotherhood quests, simply fantastic and hilarious from time to time :shrug:

  9. No, am asking after the code, if any. You will show a list to the public, like this;

    Faction name: Guild name: Member count:


    wolf water 22

    fire sand 100

    But how can you get specific info under specific topic ??

    Are you asking how you can show this on a website? If so you'll have to use HTML tables for that. Have a look at http://www.w3schools.com for more info.

  10. What's your question?

    Are you asking what language that is? I don't know, definitely not css, php or java. It looks like BBCode like some forums use and it'll most likely get converted to HTML or XML seeing the [br] tags.

  11. Finally got my mac :D

    It's an iMac Core 2 Duo 20", standard config.

    Really wonderful machine, though it needs some getting used to. What really baffles me is how smoothly everything works. Tons of windows and programs open at the same time and the machine still keeps running without noticing any slow down. And switching between all those programs is really easy compared to windows. So a very nice piece of technology for a multitasker like me :)

    The only drawbacks currently is the keyboard and mouse. The mighty mouse isn't that great imho, doesn't feel very comfortable in my hand and isn't very responsive compared to my logitech G5. The keyboard is good overall but some keys like { and } aren't visible on it (I'm using an azerty keyboard).

    OSX being based on UNIX also pays off. It really has a linux feel to it in a positive way. Most of the handy linux stuff like the terminal is there, while it's still a very user friendly machine that works out-of-the-box.

  12. Thanks :)

    Well ATM it doesn't run very well. I installed a Wifi PCI card and Ubuntu AMD64 has troubles with it :/

    There's an open source project developing drivers for this card though, and the next major release will include what I need.

  13. @prefect

    I've been looking into several options since power consumption was important for me too.

    My conclusion was that one should either go for a VIA CPU+motherboard or a regular desktop CPU. Laptop or low-voltage CPU's certainly were an option but these things are way too expensive. Another big issue with laptop CPU's is that the core is not shielded, so installation has to be done very carefully so the CPU isn't damaged.

    To give you an idea of the prices (CPU + motherboard):

    Cheap desktop CPU+motherboard: €80-€120

    Via: €100-€200

    Laptop/low voltage: €250-€400

    The difference in power consumption between some desktop CPU's and laptop CPU's isn't really big. A whole system with an Athlon 64 Venice will use 90W under full load, 20-30W idle, a laptop solution maybe 25W less.

    With VIA there's a big difference though, it consumes only half of that, and it's not that expensive to buy. But the problem with VIA is that you need a 1GHz+ CPU for reasonable performace (but that's still quite slow), that the form factor is miniITX (which leaves you few choices in cases and those cases are rather expensive and small) and that it only supports 2 HD's (though you can use a PCI card for more).

    So considering all that I went for the Athlon Venice. Since the machine will be idle most of the time the 20-30W power consumption is acceptable, so the 5-10W I might save with another CPU isn't worth the hassle.

    Other desktop CPU's I can recommend is another Athlon Venice (clocked higher) or a Pentium III. Pentium III's consume no more than a Pentium M (Pentium M is really just a beefed up PIII).

    Do stay away from Pentium 4's or anything dual core (Athlon X2 or Pentium D), a Pentium D consumes 90-120W (without motherboard, memory and HD).

    Hope this helps :)

  14. Yesterday the parts for my home server arrived. It's the first computer I've put together myself besides installing stuff like a HD or PCI card.

    I'm particularly pride of the price I paid for the system, only €400. It's a very decent machine and doesn't produce much heat or noise (average CPU temp is 30°C).

    Here are the specs:

    AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Venice

    From all desktop CPU power consumption benchmarks I found it seems that this one consumes very little power, almost comparable to the special (but expensive) low-power athlons and X2's. Even laptop CPU's like the core duo or turion consume at most 15W less. So considering the price difference (€50 for the athlon, €200+ for a laptop CPU) this one's a bargain.

    Asus A8V-VM

    Cheapest motherboard I found for S939 from Asus and has onboard video, RAID and enough expandability. Also uses a VIA chipset which tends to consume much less power than the nvidia chipsets.

    OCZ value memory, 1GB

    Also cheapest memory I could find from OCZ.

    Coolermaster Cavalier 4 (case) 450W

    A stylish HTPC case with room for 3 HD's and an acceptable price considering the 3 fans and PSU that are included. It turned out to be a bit larger than I anticipated and installing stuff wasn't that easy (not toolless, lots of screws), but all in all a nice, cool (as in temperature) case.

    Western Digital Caviar 250GB.

    Again went for something affordable. Comes with 5 years of warranty so I suppose it's a HD suitable for running 24/7

    BenQ DVD reader

    Didn't go for a burner because I'll probably never use it.

    The OS I installed on it is Ubuntu 6.06 server edition. Haven't played much with it yet but so far so good. It's currently running ssh-server, subversion, samba and LAMP, but I'm also planning to use it as a mail server.

  15. The search is over, but I haven't bought one yet. I've decided not to go for a second hand mac because 400-800 euro is a bit much for a second hand especially considering the risk of buying a machine that's faulty.

    So since my dad needs a new PC quite soon (current one is almost 6 years old) we're going to buy a mac mini together and split the price. That way he gets a very cheap PC and I a very cheap intel mac to play with from time to time.

    I'm going to wait until the intel merom or cheaper core duo minis arrive though, which will probably be by the end of this month.

  16. Well I'll look into an iMac G4 if I can find one below €450, sounds like a good option.

    Future compatibility doesn't matter really. It's just for getting acustomed to macs, so it shouldn't be a machine that will last for more than a year.

  17. True but the new ones are too expensive imho, for that price I could get a second hand iMac G5.

    Hopefully the Merom/Core 2 Duo models will come out soon, maybe then some Core Duo mini's will appear on the second hand market.

  18. Well the main reason I would buy it is getting some experience with OSX (both developing for it and working with it).

    There's also lots of great mac-only web dev software and it would allow me to test websites on Safari, so that's another reason.

    I've also been fed up with using windows. I've been using Linux for a while but that didn't work out for me since I can't run Photoshop or MS Office (need it for college) on it.

    So OSX would give me the best of both worlds I suppose.

    I already have a PC, so I'm not really looking into replacing it with another PC. I am thinking about buying a new PC next summer however, but that's why I want to try out OSX first. If it suits me better than a PC I might get a good Intel mac next summer instead of a new PC.

  19. I've been thinking about buying a Mac for a year now (even did a silly unfinished site http://www.donate-a-mac.com).

    Since it's nearly payout time for the jobs I did this summer I was thinking to finally buy one, though not an uber expensive MacPro or Macbook. So I'm currently looking at second-hand macs or a new iMac.

    Currently on my list are these models:

    - new iMac 17" (Intel based)

    - iMac G5 or G4

    - Powermac G5 or G4

    - eMac

    So no laptops or mini's since I already have a very good laptop and don't think a mini is worth the price.

    I've found someone selling a Powermac G5 1.8Ghz 1,5GB RAM and Airport Extreme for €850. Seems like a very good deal to me, but the downside is that I'll have to buy a screen.

    I've also found an iMac G5 1.8Ghz 20" screen 1GB RAM for €900.

    These prices are rather expensive for my budget, so I was wondering if it's worth getting it. The G4 alternatives are all €350-€500, so more in my price range.

    Does anyone have any experience with a G4 mac, and if so, how's the performace running OSX? I would like to do some development work on it, mostly programming (PHP, javascript, css) and Photoshop. Also, in case someone experienced a flat screen iMac, would a 17" model be too small (considering it's widescreen)?

  20. It would save me quite some time if you confirmed if it's not buggy anymore. :D

    The thing with an editor is that you can't always tell if it's good after just going over it for an hour. The little annoyances and bugs usually come up after using it for a while. So I rather trust a user's judgement than my own one-hour-testdrive judgement :)

  21. What's so great about PHP Designer? I've used it in the past (the 2005 version), but while its feature set and interface seemed pretty good it was extremely buggy. Maybe the new version is much better?

  22. Yeah I absolutely agree.

    Last semester we had to do a large Java project, some kind of customer management application with GUI interface. One of the tools we could use was a visual GUI builder, much like a WYSIWYG for html but instead for generating Java GUI code.

    Several people's projects failed because they had no idea when to use this tool. Those tools exist to prototype GUIs, not to use it in the final result since the generated code is messy and tends to ignore other parts of the application.

    So those who were too lazy to dive into the code after the prototyping phase got some surprises when the application was tested by our mentors.

    Same thing applied to those who did not use the tool at all. They simply didn't finish their project before the deadline because they spent too much time writing GUI code.

    Anyway, it also depends on the user of the tool. I never use a WYSIWYG anymore for prototyping layouts because I can do it much faster by writing it myself.

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