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  1. Ah, so that's what you look like Always nice to be able to associate a real picture of a forum member with their nickname. Nice headset
  2. Never a bad time to start Will do Joshua - be sure to let him know he's in our thoughts and prayers.
  3. Ah, I see. Graphics tablets are great - sure beats a mouse for drawing!
  4. Welcome, LZ! I'm glad you like our engine so far - I'm sure you'll like it even more when we're done A tablet PC? Nice! Running Windows Tablet PC Edition, I assume? Feel free to post in the Computer Desk if you feel like "geeking out"
  5. Seeing as I don't have to walk very far from school to get home (homeschooled), I don't do anything entirely "different" than the rest of the day. Usually, after I'm done with my schoolwork and chores for the day, I'll hop onto WFG and a couple of other places of interest (Slashdot, Anandtech forums). Then, I'll get to work on my projects and whatnot.
  6. Welcome! What are your interests, hobbies, etc?
  7. 'Drashkurz' wouldn't be a word from Black Speech, would it? It looks similar to the (very few) examples of Black Speech Tolkien gave. Have fun around the forums!
  8. Welcome, Eugene! I'm sure you will enjoy working on the TLA team. Mae govannen!
  9. My sister has pet mice... the funny thing is that her friend gave her two of them, and the store was sure they were both female. Yeah, right Turned out to be male and female, so we had a bunch of mice pups running around for a while.
  10. Hello Steven, nice of you to drop by. I'm sure a lot has changed since you were working on the project!
  11. Ugh, I hate sore throats. Hope you feel better soon.
  12. If you lived in France, I'd say your teacher was Curufinwe... that's the only WFG'er that I know of who is also a schoolteacher. I'm glad you like the project! I too am amazed at times by the level of quality in everyone's work. Welcome!
  13. Wow, those are some nice programs I've used Premiere in the past for compositing (I like making short films). I'd recommend Brinkster.com for free hosting (Educational Plan). They give you a lot (even ASP support!), as long as you don't need a lot of upstream bandwidth - it's limited at 15MB per day, or somewhere around there. I just signed up so I can do some ASP development without setting up a local M$ web server If you need PHP support, there are probably some other free hosts around - haven't looked lately. By the way, welcome to WFG!
  14. Yep, 'tis Fiber to the Premises. Verizon's service is called Fios and is available here: http://www22.verizon.com/fiosforhome/chann...rnetForHome.asp Aww, it's not available in my area yet...
  15. Welcome to the community, Vingauld! Beware - this notion of developing and following the development of free games is quite contagious.
  16. Get up, check my e-mail/websites, do schoolwork and chores, get on my computer, work on projects as long as possible. Rinse, repeat.
  17. Exactly. Self-defense is when you are pressed to do something violent in defense of yourself or others - hopefully, as a last resort. Revenge and/or retribution is something ENTIRELY different.
  18. Very good micro-essay, Stuart. Your writing skills and style are top-notch, as always
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