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  1. I'm not sure. When I first read about RON and the whole "borders" thing, I kind of when "yuck..". I haven't played RON but don't think I would like the "RTS/civ-building hybrid". I think 0 A.D. should steer completely away from the "god-powers" thing. I was pretty disappointed with AoM (not too crazy about the myth stuff). I personally don't think much should be done to stop rushing. Of course, everything should be balanced and all, but good players should be able to create armies quickly. If neglected defense... oh well
  2. Heh, don't feel bad Acumen, I had Win98 forever and didn't think I'd ever upgrade.. until a friend gave me a full copy of WinXP Home, CD key and everything! Guess they upgraded to WinXP Pro and didn't need Home anymore.. Good enough for me!
  3. Wijit: I really liked AoK's multiplayer setup. Very simple with just enough "customizability". Normal/Deathmatch/Regicide is good.. I didn't use many of the AoK x-pack extra settings (Wonder Race, King of the Hill, etc), although I think alot of other people liked the King of the Hill feature. As for objectives, it would be nice to have some sort of "economy" or "diplomatic" victory. Many games have "claimed" (including AoK) that you can win by economy, but it usually comes down to military. I wouldn't use the economy/diplomatic victory much ( I'm a military guy I guess) but I think other people would. Pop Cap: In this area, I think I liked EE's method. If I remember right, you could select a "world" pop cap and it would be divided between the players. I.E. in an 8 player game, if you selected 800 for the world cap, each player's pop cap would be 100. Obviously, the hardware available when 0 A.D. will be (exponentially) much better than the hardware available today, so large pop caps in the thousands (or closer to "no limit" maybe) will be possible. With that said, to be fair, the game should allow for lower pop caps, etc, to accommodate lower hardware. Whatever is appropriate at the time (hardware-wise and bandwidth-wise) is good for number of players. I really didn't like AoK's 8-player limit. I can't remember EE's player limit (I think it was 16) but it was good enough. Unless the maps are HUGE, more than 16 players is just not practical. I may post later, sorry for the long post (love the emoticons here BTW)! CO
  4. DarkAngel: I think that would add a bit of unnessicary "comedy" to the game.. I don't think that would be good.
  5. I can't think of anything at the moment.. but I'll post a suggestion or two when they pop into my mind.
  6. I run Windows XP Home, but also have 2 computers running Windows 95 (older hardware) and probably will have one running Windows 98 sometime as well.
  7. I think it's a great change from the old forums!! Great job to all the WFG staff. I'm surprised there aren't more posts here already!
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