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  1. 16 here, 17 next June. @Curu: I believe Ken (TheRealDeal) beats you by a couple of years.
  2. Yeah, this is something that will be fixed soon.
  3. As Josh said, I loved the book he gave me and finished another Henty book just a few days ago (For the Temple). Just as good as the first I'm going to see if I can get another one soon.
  4. Thank you for all the kind comments, everyone! It's great to see that our hard work has paid off! I dare say that the 'spinning globe' Flash animation is quite popular - I loved it right away as well.
  5. What browser are you using? If you are using IE, have you tried clearing out your Temporary Internet Files folder (Tools - Internet Options - Delete Files)?
  6. I'm not sure why you haven't gotten a response here yet... I'm not experienced enough in PHP to offer an educated answer (or guess), but I'll try to flag Tim down if possible. I like the idea - filters are always great when working lists of anything.
  7. Yes, it was a mod. Perhaps InvisionFree installed it automatically?
  8. I second this - I've been meaning to report it, but you beat me to it Argy
  9. Yes, since it was related to the Halloween 'festivities'.
  10. I don't celebrate Halloween so I'll probably be joining Black Op in front of my computer. If I were to dress up, I'd probably want to be an elf -- anyone remember Quellion's Nandor unit concepts? Slightly OT: I went to a really fun Fall Festival the other night... 'twas a great time! They had a rock wall (you get in a harness and climb up a semi-fake rock wall - probably about 20 feet high). One of the guys who was running it said I climbed it faster than anyone had so far that night.
  11. I like the fall time change. Back to GMT-6 here in CST!
  12. OT: Yes, the boot loader (I'm assuming it's LILO) will not be erased after a reformat. This should be of assistance to you; I was able to use the "fdisk /mbr" command on my Mom's computer to remove LILO. Back on topic: I've got a Windows XP SP2 machine (plus an SP1 laptop). I run MS Virtual PC 2004 on my main machine, so I also have a Windows 98SE "machine".
  13. Yes, a while back 0 A.D. was going to use a "hybrid" approach (3D terrain, 2D buildings). Eventually, the decision was made to switch to a completely 3D engine, as everything generally looks better and is more flexible that way.
  14. Welcome to the forums! Adam has pointed us to some of your work - it looks great!
  15. I saw it here, though the cloudcover closed in before I saw the "peak". It did appear red here; we were all discussing why it has that effect (I forgot the cause). Thanks, Matt, you answered our question Nice pics, Dnas!
  16. I have seen a few forums missing the Fast Reply option, and I know Lorian has seen some as well. If anyone notices a forum with Fast Reply disabled, point it out here and we'll fix it.
  17. Guests aren't shown in the active user list (unless you click the Last Click or Member Name links). As Phillip said, what you're seeing is a search engine. I've seen Googlebot a few times.
  18. I'm all for bringing the rep system back It was the best way to say "thanks" or "congrats" without PMs or something else.
  19. Ah, I see. (LOL) I'll see about pinning those.
  20. Speaking of joke names, in AOM I once got a pharaoh named "Bubba Joe" - pharaoh names are randomized. I concluded that the guys at Ensemble Studios were quite goofy, which we knew already
  21. Welcome, Dario! Glad you found our little community
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