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  1. Belisarivs is acctually right here so no need to attack him like that, besides he's giving only a suggestion ( a smart one).
  2. What about the almighty Samurais? I tihnk they lived troughtough the whole history so they would be a good idea.
  3. Well, putting them on an equal pop as Chariots is rly weird. Maybe it wouldn't make a big problem in early game if they make them cost alot or other factors, but in late game, when players have enough resources to buy them, it's rly weird to see chariots and ellies same pop.
  4. 800-900 in normal days and 1200 in weekends
  5. If you click the AQ button when the unit is finished creating it keeps making another one unit without you having to click it one more time.
  6. I acctually think AQ is fun, but I hope Ellies won't be as good as in AoT
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