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  1. I'm no coder I was just lucky in the fact that compiling to the wiki's instructions went without a hitch Because 64-bit versions of windows have to have their drivers signed. This restriction isn't on 32bit versions.
  2. Ah you're right. I was thinking 950, not 915 when talking about my netbook.
  3. http://www.verisign.com/code-signing/conte...code/index.html Bit expensive huh. You say it's for Windows XP, well i'm on Vista, do the same chipset problems occur. If not couldn't the 0ad code be altered to detect the OS and thus not bother loading the driver on versions of windows over XP. Of course, this error will only affect 64bit users I think. Chief
  4. It just struck me. I seem to recall the 915 (btw i'm fairly certain the 915 is the 945, they just confuse you like that) has a cut down version of opengl, in the same way it has a very cut down version of dx7 (even though its classed as dx9 compatible). If the 945 is working the 915 should too.
  5. I should imagine that with that card you'll have to set all the shader options to off/lowest in the localconfig file whereever possible. I have the card on a netbook and I know from experience the "fun" in getting new engines to play nicely with it (though in Windows that is).
  6. Hi, Built the game from source, went smoothly enough bar the 503 errors On getting in game, windows vista 64bit home premium alerted me to a non-digitally signed driver: aken64.sys that was attempting to run, and warning me that all drivers had to be digitally signed, and this driver would not be allowed to run. After clicking OK, the error went away and the game continued, seems to be running just fine. Just wondering what it actually is, and how much of a problem it poses by not being allowed to run? Chief
  7. This poses a problem for people using educational licences of modelling programs since the Collada exporter forbids use with anything other than a commercial licence (which is a right pain!).
  8. I don't think they'd spend years making their own engine from scratch (and making a very good job of it) and suddenly switch to another engine such as Spring. Unless they do it on April 1st....
  9. It doesn't let you do everything its big brother can do but you may want to look at Photoshop Elements (im pretty sure there's a trial version on adobes site). (The photoshop hotkeys are usually the best way in it, rather than trawl your way through all the menus).
  10. Hi, Just saw the Q&A from March, and one thing that stood out was the reply that said the game lobby wouldn't be feasible at this time. I just wondered why, is it a case of other more important things to do on the actual game then spending man power on just a lobby system? If this is the case I just wondered if you knew that the TA Spring Project has their chat lobby source code released as open source so that anyone can compile it for their own uses. Though i'm no coder I shouldn't imagine it would take too many modifications to get it to link to the 0AD program/port etc instead of the Spring Project. Also no doubt it would take less time than writing a new channel from scratch. Just a thought
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