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  1. I added some spacing, hope its enough. Also I increased the apple textures saturation and added a specular gradation, also lowered all of the trunk poly's below 50. Edit: Looks like I textured one of the trunks with the wrong texture....Ill fix it now
  2. Thanks, for the help I updated the files and I think I'm about done. I've attached an screen shot image of the contents on my work file "Apple_Tree.max" for everyone to look at and give me feed back. A few issues I need comments on are: -The apple map looks a bit too dark in my viewports, I don't know if they need adjusted. Is the correlation different between view port and in game render? -I can delete some faces on the bottom of the apples to lower poly count, it wont conflict with anything will it? (task required I make low poly spheres, I'd be deviating from a sphere object) -Trunk poly counts are higher then the task required 50, but all of the trees are below the 250 poly limit. I can adjust the trunks some more but I'm afraid of losing detail. Thanks.
  3. I wish they would just leave it one way or the other, more so because the "savings" part of it seems to be a bust: http://online.wsj.com/public/article/SB120...ff_main_tff_top My blackjack phone still wont update to current time
  4. Well I made that second .dds map for the blooming texture and I know I wasn't trying to be tricky . The artifacts I have circled , I don't think should be there. I'm thinking I exported my .dds wrong...not at all impossible since this is the first time dealing with .dds's. But if your right about how they wont be shown in the game, then I guess I don't need to worry about it. And about the apples, I have some guidelines to follow for them, as I have
  5. Files Added: Apple_Tree.max branchtexref - detailed - bloom.dds Need to fix my texture for the blooming trees. See screen shot for the issue, something to do with opacity? Anyone have any ideas? Also feedback on the early stuff would be useful. Can I have clarification on : "Include your apple and tree trunk texture with the branch." So I'm making a new texture with all of the images on one decal sheet?
  6. I feel ashamed for putting that video up last night its soo stupid, its funny (better take it down before any possible future employers see it...)
  7. Updated files, I think I'm done. Fixed 'da funk in the idle animation. Lets see how the transparent mapping goes. I wanted to know If i can change my project to a crazy awesome dance video with deer... Something along the lines of... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7J0BXnaA-s
  8. Is that the "ok" on the animations? If so I'll complete the files.
  9. Fixed the odd dip in the running animation, and I used planted keys to add a bit of a rocking movement to the idle animation. I also have the feet moving into the body while walking. I know my project requires the animation on both a deer with antlers and a deer without, so I will update each file as needed after I get the final ok on the animation. Sorry I didn't get out to eastern earlier then when I made it, I work out at sfcc library on Saturdays.
  10. Thanks, I updated the files. I think I might have too much back movement in the walking animation, but I'll wait for feedback about it.
  11. I added geometry along the leg's Tweaked the other animations for better hove movement, and fixed up the walking animation. Good luck with the in-laws, and I'll talk to you on Monday.
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