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  1. Just as a heads up, my exams are coming up so work on DerpHammer will go on a break until July.
  2. And here are the horses, though they still need barding.
  3. I finally made my own wolf and dog models. Horses should be next.
  4. Those are just regular humans, although it would also work perfectly for dwarfs. Personally I plan to give minecart chariots to my dwarfs in DerpHammer.
  5. I plan on staying low on polygons, since I'm new to 3D modelling and this allows me to make faster progress. The low poly aesthethic also has a certain charm to it. The horse models are just placeholder, I'm using the regular 0ad horses until I have made my own. Those will then get barding.
  6. Two horses is how it is in warhammer though. Granted, my version looks a bit bigger.
  7. And with that, the various units are now implemented. I still need to fine tune their stats and all that of course, but otherwise the Free Empire is now technically a working faction.
  8. I see. I'll fix that for all the other units too then.
  9. It works! Thank you. Do I need to add that to every military unit? Because I played around a bit further and the issue only seems to happen if the entity is parented to "template_unit_infantry"
  10. Here it is emp_soldier_crossbow.xml
  11. I've essentially just changed the names of the regular templates so I can modify those without changing the regular 0ad units (also I increased the speed at which corpses sink into the ground because my units lack death animations). Then I set the modified templates as the parents for my units. template_dh_unit.xml template_dh_unit_infantry.xml template_dh_unit_infantry_melee.xml template_dh_unit_infantry_melee_spearman.xml emp_soldier_spear.xml I'll have to look into that then.
  12. I tried creating my own templates but I keep getting this error. They are in the right folder so I don't understand why the game can't find them.
  13. Huh, I must have missed that. Thank you very much. I'm honestly a bit overwhelmed with all the parameters in the templates.
  14. Are you sure? I tried looking through the templates of ranged units but i didn't find anything defining the projectile.
  15. A question on projectiles: is there a way to make them visible without having to add my own animations?
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