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  1. Ok so i tried a few more games and the combination of setting the performance under windows on maximum and disabeling a few graphic settings & play with fewer units per player did the trick. So far no more disconnections appeared. Thanks for the help.
  2. i tried setting my laptop to maximum performance and but im not sure if it helped that much. I still loose connection to the lobby from time to time. And if i host a game and that happens, most of the time the game still disappears from the current game list. But i havent been playing this much the last days, so i can propobly report more after next weekend.
  3. Hello everyone, Latly i began to play games in the multiplayer lobby, mostly with a friend of mine & an additional ai to support him as he just started playing. Most of the time that works good, i figured out how to open a port on my router ect. and i can host the game. But it happend now several times that about one hour in the game suddenly i get the message that my friend left the game. And when i then pause the game to give him time to rejoin and open the lobby window, there is the messge "the connection to the lobby was lost" and i cannot find the game anymore in the list of games that are played at the moment. So we have to abort the session and start a new one. So i would really like to know how to fix this issue, before i try to join ranked games, because i read here that it is very annoying to everyone when some leaves a ranked game. There is no error window popping up when that happens, so i cannot tell you the error code, and also the game dont crash. I am still in the game & can see what happens in the lobby, but the game dissapeared from the list. So the only thoughts i have on why this happens is either a bad internet connection of my friend, which would mean i dont have to change anything, or maybe something with the fact that i get a new public ip from my internet provider from time to time which may mess up the connection in that moment? So what do you think? i would be happy for some tips. Greetins maroder
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