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  1. Thx for the tutorial! and thx @Loki1950 too for the explanation!
  2. Inside Blender? Could you plz specify more? Id didn't understand what you said
  3. That's my objective so you don't waste your time telling me what to do I'm willing to learn and help you! I'll do whats on my hands! Currently working on Windows 10 Home
  4. I'm sorry but I don't have any idea of coding, and I would be of no help with that. I would surely mess everything up What I'm most interested in is in how to find the files for this And how do I know which is going to be the new size, because this unit I don't know what is the equivalent in Blender, so I can't do the work. If it wasn't for the rectangles @Stan` left in the blend file for me, I wouldn't know what I had to do
  5. Good day! I will surely do whatever is needed, but in order to have more independency and leave the veterans more time for the real work I would need some teaching on how the repositories works and how the measurements work, bc if it wasn't for the blend file @Stan` gave me with the goal sizes I wouldn't have had any idea of what to do xd. I don't know if what I'm asking for is correct or if I should rely on someone breaking down the process for me. Have a niceeee day!
  6. At the moment I just know how to assemble a skeleton (I think you call that rig but not sure), anyway I'll check the tutorials. Thx!
  7. Here it is, hope you like it, if anything needs to be changed just let me know! @Stan` palisades1mmodified.blend
  8. So this is it, isn't it? Haha okay I'll finish the thing
  9. So I understand what I've got to do is create new vertical sticks right? the final lenght must be those rectangles right? @Stan`
  10. I'll save this for when I learn to animate things!
  11. Seems good for me, but what size is the numbers we are talking about? I understand is like some sort of in game grid? And where can I find these files to modify them? I'm soooooo clumsy with the forum and the repositories xd
  12. Maybe this is better? Let me know if anything needs to be changed!
  13. Did this taking as a base the rabbit armature and some images i found on the internet of the differences between a rabbit and a hare. Polygon count is 232 faces (quads)
  14. Where can I find the Rabbit armature? Maybe I can take care of the modelling of this
  15. I am the copyright holder of original works I post in the Wildfire Games 0 A.D. Art Development forum. I hereby release all original works I uploaded to this forum in the past, and those I will upload in the future, under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
  16. Like, in this thread for example, do I have to paste the text of the legal waiver here? XD
  17. I've already read the Workflow Pipeline Guide and it's complex, but summing up I think I could be useful only in modelling and maybe texturizing right now, I don't know much about history so any era would be fine for me. Also I can't program. I will try my best if you give me further instructions! I really don't know where to start xD I don't know how to sign the legal waiver D: Thanks for the welcoming also, I'm willing to participate!
  18. Hi! My name is Pablo and I am currently studying 3D design and animation. I'm pretty new to forums so I may not be very agile in here, but basically I'm willing to help modelling and texturizing if needed, maybe even animating. Right now I use Blender for modelling, sculpting, rigging, bones (and in a near future animation) and Substance Painter for texturizing. I would like to know what your workflow is like and I could model and texturize if I'm given references or concepts arts. Greetings from Spain!
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