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  1. I didn't know I had to do that and I'm certainly not sure on how to do so xD, If could tell me
  2. I can't load the palisade gate bc it gives me the following error: /route to the .dae file/ assertion not satisfied (line 569): failed requirement "mesh is made of triangles" could not load /route to .dae/ CObjectEntry: :BuildVariation( ): Model /route to .dae/ failed to load I don't have any idea on how to fix this.
  3. How do I send this? Here for example? And btw a friend of mine who is a historian and a great fan and player of this game and me want to make another mod, we have 3 proposal for 3 diferent units, where do I ask which one to do? Should I make another thread?
  4. Finally!! I will add the towers to the gate @Nescio asked for and add it too. Btw, towers or watchtowers?
  5. Thank you! :DD Will do! Will try! Did that, didn't work D: I think what I'm missing is where I should put what files exactly, I think this is what is wrong on my mod files D: Also when i copied the code onto my last post about the .xml file I copied the unchanged code xddddd
  6. This is what I'm missing Could you please specify more, Idk which files should go where
  7. Okay, I'm able to select the mod, but when I launch the mod and then the scenario editor I'm not able to load the palisades. This is what I've done: -Put the dae files and the .png in pablinskis_mod/art/meshes/props/ -I've renamed palisade_example.xml to palisade_curve_long.xml and changed a little bit it's code to this <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?> <actor version="1"> <castshadow/> <group> <variant frequency="100" name="Palisade Example"> <animations/> <mesh>props/your_mesh_name.dae</
  8. Eh? I only know art idk how to update anything but from an installer sorry xdd
  9. I already have tortoise and updated the svn repository, but idk how to update my game
  10. Okay only thing I understood is where my dae files should go xdddd @Stan` and btw how do I update my game, when I download the magnet link it just check files from disk but the version I have is from 2018 xdd
  11. This is what you mean right? I've got no idea on how to test anything xddd, I'm going to check the mod template you gave me and see if I can figure something out
  12. This is it, I think I'm not missing anything, except for the straight palisade, do I resize it too or is it going to be phased out? Now I should put each palisade in a separate blender file right? How do I name them, same way they were? @Stan` @Nescio
  13. Not yet, but I'm fine at the moment, next time I'll make sure I use it Perfect I'll check that out when I finish resizing :DD
  14. @Stan` I'll take a look at the mod thing later, btw what am I going to put in the mod? This whole palisades thing? Bc if I'm supossed to create new stuff, I'm afraid I'm not a historian or anything Anyway, how it's looking? I should have the rest in a few hours (including dinner hehe) @Nescio
  15. Since the original curve palisade is not a perfect curve I had to make some approximations, so those would be the matching long and medium palisades but adding the original curve of the curve palisade. @Stan` @Nescio Something any of you see that I'm missing or do I start building the palisades? May I make the short palisade curve a perfect curve too? At least the footprint?
  16. If you say content that people may decide wether to add or not to their game yeah, why not. I'm actually making long medium and short curve palisades, headaching for me to find a way to resize the curves without changing the angle but I've just found one and it's been approved by my brother who's a mathematician, I hope that's fine hehe.
  17. I had some obligations these days and couldn't work that much, but I'll work on the palisades today or tomorrow
  18. I don't know how to multi quote, but there is another post by @wowgetoffyourcellphone saying more less the same thing as @Nescio. I'm not sure which is the preferred option so I did both so you can choose. @Stan` is this ok? Haven't done the armature yet in case it's wrong. Should I make the pivot spot a little bigger so it looks less fragile?
  19. I think this is what you're asking for right? And btw isn't the straight the same as the rest of the palisades but the lenght? And the curve should maintain the same angle direction right? Like only with more sticks. The rectangles are the goal sizes. From left to right Gate, Curve, Short, Medium, Long, Straight.
  20. @Stan` I have a problem with Blender measures xd. The default cube that's always there is supossed to be 2x2x2meters. Then why this happens when I import any actor? Why suddenly it appears that the 2x2x2m that's not been modified is way smaller than an edge that's supossed to be 0.0477m?????? Measurements are driving me crazy!!! xDD
  21. I'm going to start resizing palisades now, so this are the final lengths of the palisades right? (3, 6, 9, 12, 15,18) these are Blender meters right?
  22. Btw which civilisation are we talking about? xD
  23. I guess I should import using the Pyrogenesis Actor option right?
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