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  1. For the basic militia, they can wear a basic wooden breastplate like the one on the lower left. Advanced can wear mokusei katchū, while the elite can wear the ones decorated with red paint. The long-sleeved soldiers can be the champions.
  2. First off, if a player’s chosen hero “dies” in a non-Herocide game: will that player have an opportunity to choose another hero in the pool, or he summons the same hero only for the rest of the game? My suggestions would make sense for the latter. There’s not much difference between the perioikoi and Spartan pikemen in Total War: Rome II, in my honest opinion, except their shield colors. My point was addressing possible anachronisms, such as reformed Spartan phalangites in classical Greek period. Maybe the same suggestion mentioned earlier would also apply to the Spartans: choose between a Greco-Persian/Pelopponesian War roster, or a Rise of Macedon/Hellenistic roster.
  3. Agis III had no other bonuses besides 1000 extra health. In my original reply, I deliberately put "Agis IV", now realizing how confusing it is to differentiate between the two kings. To begin with re-texturing, the roofs of the Spartan wall towers should match with the other Spartan buildings. Have you decided what to do with the pikemen whenever (which) Agis is unlocked? To repeat/reiterate: The basic and advanced pikemen can be perioikoi, while the elite (or 4th rank like the imperial legionnaire > centurion) can be Spartan; since they have opportunity to promote to full citizenship. Perioikoi and Spartan hoplites can be upgraded to pikemen, but don't think this is recommended when playing single or with bots Both hoplite and pikemen classes, perioikoi and Spartan, can be recruited in syssition/barracks/fortress, whatever. Unchanged, only Spartan pikemen recruited in fortress (or syssition if fortress can serve another function) Unless the option to dismount from horse is possible/available, here are alternatives to mounts for the Spartans: Leonidas - bonus defense vs. Persians Brasidas - aura to prevent enemies from capturing nearby worker helots, but helot bowmen is still on the table tough. Lysander - bonus against walls and some buildings is still on the table. Agis III - discount for mercenaries, damage bonus vs. Macedonians Agis IV - if no perioikoi pikemen, 1000 extra health should be visibly labelled in card Agis III can be a Atlas-only hero, especially for a Macedonian campaign scenario
  4. Edited the first reply after the OP regarding how pikemen in Spartan faction will be recruited. What do you think? It's fine to disregard the helot bowmen for Brasidas. Even without them, there's still the advanced-class Kres (new name for the Cretan mercenary archer).


  5. The buildings look great. The unnecessary brick floors can be substituted with deeper walls and more steps for the stairs. Your sentry tower is a good example. For some, the stairs can continue left, right, or forked in both directions as long as the boundary is not compromised. Keep in mind that the first/ground floor height should be more than close to the human actor’s, and floors higher up than that can be bit smaller. As 0 A.D. transitions to Alpha 24, you might want to add these structures to your African Kingdoms modification: Stable Siege Workshop For possible scenarios, here are some other optional ones that you can model if you have some time: Archery Range (refer to Borg’s Mod and Delenda Est modifications for inspiration) Large House/Apartment Complex Naval Shipyard (if any one of them has a powerful navy) Outpost (the simple wooden watchtower at Village Phase, can be unique model for each faction)
  6. The mercenary camp select sound seems related to the fortress and prythaneon building completed sound. Excellent work though!
  7. Doesn't it look weird an Athenian hero wielding a Thracian pelte? As mentioned earlier, Iphicrates (and if possible, the thyreophoroi) should have a bit narrower but more rounder pelte like in this image: Don't think Athenians have used the big oval thureos during his time though, correct me if I'm wrong. Edit: This might be a revival the old Ekdromos or a related light peltast unit if the shields are to be changed. Also, since the Athenian heroes are getting mounts, how about some mounted hoplites for scenarios (in case Xenophon can be used in such)? Any more Greco-Persian and Peloponnesian heroes can be confined to the editor as well. Regarding history and related information, since they usually take up much bytes (especially regarding the heroes), why not put it in a Delenda Est manual downloaded separately and/or at GitHub? In game, the format can be like the vanilla: strengths/weaknesses/bonuses/boosts applied, followed by a summary of selected unit/upgrade/hero in a short paragraph or two, and gameplay traits. The rest of the research (full history, etc.) can be referred to the manual.
  8. For the Athenians, can't you divide eras through an upgrade in the prytaneion or by initial choice? For the latter, You can decide whether to take either the Greco-Persian or the Peloponnesian hero roster at the beginning of a match. Or way better... choose from one of three/four ages: Greco-Persian, Pelopponesian, Hellenistic (, or Roman); then one of four heroes of the selected era. This opens up more heroes to choose from, notably Cassander.
  9. Thanks for reminding me that Xenophon is still a plausible fourth for the Athenians. Bonuses can be related to mercenaries and hoplites. Don't forget his mount. For now, Archimedes can be the fourth Carthaginian hero, and the first "citizen hero". He can gather, farm, fish, repair etc. better than a usual citizen. Choosing him can give access the anti-ship mirror, and boosts the range and damage of nearby catapults/ballistae and oxybeles. Don't think Socrates could be a potential hoplite hero. If you want, how about making him as two Atlas/Scenario-only units? One can be hoplite and other "merchant"/"healer". You can decide whether he can retire to the latter at any time.
  10. Let's start with the field requirement: at least one stable (whether horse, camel, or elephant) or an upgrade within stable required for an upgradeable mount. Don't recall any hero riding a camel though, except for Lawrence of Arabia. Exceptions can be made for scenarios if modder wants both (or more) forms present at his own preference. When turrets are implemented, a champion war elephant/chariot can take the place of the upgradeable mount, except in some cases (Boudicca, Hannibal, and Chandragupta have their personalized mounts and probably different modes of attack). In that case, a separate unit/actor can be labelled as "Boudicca's Chariot"/"Gilded Chariot", "Hannibal's War Elephant"/"Carthaginian Towered Elephant", "Chandragupta's War Elephant"/"Royal Maurya Elephant", or whatever name if the animal(s) have recorded names. Some can be trained (or put in scenario) more than once at modder's discretion. For the Spartans, choosing Agis III as a starting hero should unlock (or automatically unlocks) the Spartan pikemen and walls upgrade, the former may no longer be champions. If so, either (1) the basic and advanced can be Perioikoi and elite Spartan--since historically some of the P's have opportunity to become full-fledged citizens, (2) pikemen are upgraded from normal Perioikoi and Spartan hoplites, or (3) both hoplite and pikemen variants of each can be recruited in the syssition. Don't forget that the Spartan walls may need to be re-textured so it is distinct from the Athenian and Macedonian counterparts. The fourth hero can be Lysander, and the bonuses can be (1, somewhat) related to the navy like Themistocles, and (2) adds crush damage boost against walls and maybe some structures--he tore down the Athenian Long Walls, no doubt about it. Brasidas could unlock helot slingers and bowmen (or can apply a bonus to all helots, even unarmed, if both can be added to Spartan roster). Choosing Iphicrates unlocks a light champion skirmisher (other than a thyreophoros) who wields a round pelte, or a ekdromos hoplite who can throw dories (but the latter can still assume phalanx with normal hoplites). His bonus then can either (1) only apply to citizen, if any, and mercenary skirmishers in his lifetime, or (2) apply to all skirmishers (champions included) in a range. Fourth hero can be Archimedes, could be a healer. He can lower both the price and time of remaining building upgrades, as well as having upgrades of his own. Iphicratean Reforms will be available to Iphicrates and Archimedes (and fourth/any hero within or after lifetimes of him, either way a hidden upgrade), which allows hiring Athenian marines and the aforementioned light skirmisher/ekdromos.
  11. Should the opening post be edited or a new thread be created for the proposed Yayoi-era faction? Here is the breakdown for the Yayoi faction (with placeholders): Faction description: My previous posts above (unit and building rosters) have been edited to reflect this information. @Ultimate Aurelian: Korean mercenaries could be put in later Kofun faction. Upgrade names (needs updating and corrections): Some upgrade names are in Sino-Japanese, so anachronisms are bound to happen.
  12. Remember to make the first floor doors and windows (even if the structures have more than one floors) are to scale with human actor. Also extend the bottom parts (foundation, stairs, wooden posts, etc.) if they are going to be built on uneven terrain such as hills.
  13. I see. Are you planning to keep polygons at a minimum, or hope for someone to remodel the wagon to make it the exact size as the figurine? Tower could be smaller and thinner. Barding would be appreciated too.
  14. For your war wagon, suggest that you either (1) add more horses, (2) replace them with oxen, or (3) replace them with humans pushing under or behind the wagon. It looks too heavy for two horses.
  15. Post any current unfixed bugs/to do's pertaining since Millennium A.D 1.1.0 here (will be edited frequently). Models: Umayyad faction is incomplete, using Seleucid placeholders Norse wonder missing (Suggest the Rök runestone?) Byzantine Trebuchet is an anachronistic counterweight, replace it with traction Byzantine healer should be an Orthodox clergyman, not wearing Latin robes Animations: Frankish trebuchet attack animation, engineers not animated Frankish smithy has blacksmith tunic issues: Failed to set idle animation in model "art/meshes/skeletal/new/m_tunic_short.dae" Same for m_tunic_long.dae for some Frankish actors. Head coverings (Umayyad), cloaks, and coifs (both from all other new factions) do not align with skeleton Others: Hagia Sophia has specific name in pure Greek script, like the Yoddha in Delenda Est which has the Devanagari equivalent after "Yoddha" Frankish waterwheel is called a "Dock" The menu uses the usual 0 A.D. Roman/Seleucid/Spartan screens alongside the the usual one made for the mod by @Alexandermb: Solved: (Post solved issues for next release)
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