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  1. Just a update. When I plug out my WI-fi dongle. 0A.D. don't crash anymore. So far so good. Never mind, it crashed again while the Wi-fi was disabled. So it has nothing to do with the Wi-fi. Never mind I'm talking to myself.
  2. I could not find anything useful in the event log. I have 7.8 GB RAM and was playing against one AI. The swap file is 3.7 GB. When playing this game in Zorin I did run out of memory and the PC just started slowing down. After that it sped up, most likely when the extra swap RAM was being accessed. Not sure if that process works in Solus. The event log shows various detail about Radeon graphics. I have a AMD APU and a Radeon 2 GB graphics card. The monitor is plugged into the graphics card.
  3. Hallo Angen I was playing a match in single player on Solus 4.1 MATE. I updated the OS and the problem did not happen again thus far. I unplugged my wi-fi dongle too. 0A.D. always worked on Zorin 15.1 based on Ubuntu 18.04. I can't find my event log right now, but when I looked at it, it had a lot of entries for "Radeon". My Radeon 6670 graphics card. The crash happened while I was trying to take over a tower in Alpine Valleys(2). Other than that I can't tell you much. Great game however! Very detailed and engaging. I f it continues to crash on Solus, I'll just use Zorin 15.1, where it always worked without flaw.
  4. I have played 0 AD in Zorin OS (based on Ubuntu) for a long time and it newer froze or crashed at all. It worked for a while but then crashed in Solus. I don't know what the issue can be. I have a AMD A10-5800k APU, but my monitor is plugged into a Radeon 6670 graphics card with 2GB ram. The game actually works faster on Solus. In Zorin(Ubuntu 18.04) it slowed down when things got really busy and the sped up to normal speed, to finish normally. Can a active wi-fi connection also cause the game to crash? Great game! I just hope I can get to work reliably on Solus.
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