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  1. by removing the two lines concerned in 0ad/binaries/data/mods/public/l10n/fr.public-gui-other.po it works.
  2. I would like to help but I can't fin the original version of the file to correct it
  3. Thank you for this information
  4. It's the svn version 23453.
  5. In french locale when I click on the civic center nothing happen but errors on the screen multiple times : ERROR: JavaScript error: Errors executing script event "SimulationUpdate" ERROR: JavaScript error: globalscripts/sprintf.js line 202 SyntaxError: [sprintf] failed to parse named argument key sprintf_parse@globalscripts/sprintf.js:202:1 sprintf@globalscripts/sprintf.js:57:31 attackRateDetails@gui/common/tooltips.js:200:26 getAttackTooltip@gui/common/tooltips.js:335:12 @gui/session/selection_details.js:323:16 displaySingle@gui/session/selection_details.js:312:61 updateSelectionDetails@gui/session/selection_details.js:489:3 updateGUIObjects@gui/session/session.js:663:2 onSimulationUpdate@gui/session/session.js:634:2 __eventhandler66 (SimulationUpdate)@session SimulationUpdate:0:1 If I choose english it works fine
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