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  1. Solar mirrors in moon light could make diversion debuff. All temporaly blinded by moon light units have -10% to attack power.
  2. I recently noticed, this bug is triggered when I load save after full PC restart. There is no "WARNING" message in console if I load saved game right after saving or after game restart.
  3. How about to add Archimedes porabolic mirror as easter egg or may be as in-game tower, or unit? Please don't forget, it should not work at night maps.
  4. Can you check game calculator? Because 96 HP * 5 units is not 475 HP. The same bug was with buidings. One unit: Two units together: 5 units: The word "Здоровье" is HP. But it is right calculate numbers with 0 or 5 in the end. Right calculation and buildings it's contain: Wrong calculation:
  5. That's odd but my next 1 hour+ skirmish with AI was normal. May be "spam bug" works only at Rotomagus map? Anyway, I know that very long skirmishes usualy break down AI at many RTS.
  6. Here:2019-12-07_0001.zip There was a lot of AI spam. May be you should use save file to see by your own if replies are useless?
  7. savegame-0001.0adsave2019-12-07_0001.zip Save is here. I don't know why replies are divided by that strange ways and became broken.
  8. Yes. AI send messages every second. Not economic messages. Only battle actions.
  9. After 1 hour of playing, AI ally start to spam in chat about it's battle actions. Can somebody tell me why it's happen? May be it's unreadable cyrillic font bug? Console says:
  10. Open mines, river mines. But try to make it not imbalanced =) Only marketplaces must be endless.
  11. Useless. When your soldier start animation it may became easy frag to balista or something. And what about priests, which can heal unit while it under animation?
  12. What about some mushrooms in the forest? Or maybe birds? Slow food quantity restoration at berry bushes if they not gathered at all? Also you can use Cossacks model of fields when it dwindle by parts.
  13. More music ambients and good landscapes. Active pause. Disable "national borders". AI will build walls like AoE2 old AI. Swimming units(?) The houses sizes will be conform to human measure. Building of bridges. Changing melee attack to range if possible. All buildings will be brand new looking without wall cracks and falling pieces of clay. Units are too fast moving... They should be more ageofempired. And it is sad that 0 AD is not based on fantasy... That landscapes reminds me some RPG locations atmosphere.
  14. It would be better if you add shooting limits and ammo karts like supporting units at RoN:RoL.
  15. I can't stop laugh, looking at that models. They reminds me old toys.
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