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  1. apparently dying light and left for dead are free on steam but since dying light is banned in germany for some stupid reason I can#t really do anything with it https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/12443/Dying_Light__Left_4_Dead_2/
  2. you shouldn't be able to build it in a spot like this in the first place
  3. my favourite post in the thread so far, i don't know much about history so my opinion might be invalid but this seems right to me, also alter the numbers based on the factions
  4. is that a thing? Hw do I enable it?
  5. definetely looks fun to play, nice variety of visual settings and gameplay obstacles
  6. zen3001

    Step Lag

    good thing I found this thread, was about to make my own. don't even know what "pop cap" is but how am i supposed to lower it? what difference would it make? what do you think when will you get this issue patched?
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