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  1. If any of you WFG Staff members wan't your title adjusted to your job... please let us know so we can do that for you.
  2. Good to see that you have arrived to our new forums! Just so all of you know... this isn't our only forum. This is just one of the new WFG network forums. Please go visit our project specific forums you can find here: http://forums.wildfiregames.com/0ad http://forums.wildfiregames.com/tla http://forums.wildfiregames.com/insurrection Links are also at the top.
  3. ok gotcha... thats fine. Its just that the 'bathroom' reminds me of a place to take a crap, not talk about grown up issues. lol
  4. Also, I'm not sure exactly what people will be talking about... but would it be necessary to have a page to concent that in fact you are over 18 to view this forum each time you enter it?
  5. Ok, thats better, but that almost sounds... dirty Maybe, something like... the bar, saloon, or pub?
  6. Thats kind of a wierd name You sure have that translated correctly from german? Did you mean a spa? bath?
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