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  1. I really dont know about germany lenguage but if you know more about that i leave it to you.
  2. Going back about units, i propose three units champions: 1) Heavy swordmen (that one is already spoken) 2) Berserker, (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berserker) Úlfhéðnar - wolf warrior. The romans colled it "furor teutonicus" 3) Women archer or spearwomen (debatable)
  3. It´s true that it was not usual for the Germanic tribes to have defensive methods such as building fortresses but i thing is harmful to the gameplay of this faction not to put fortress. The "great hall"can be used as a workshop but they need to have a fortress although with less armor and less life.
  4. About the special building the "great hall", what size are you going to put?
  5. I don´t have many colors but now i look at that.
  6. Hi, the civic center and the market are not finished, i made a special building for the champion units and the farmstead is the difinitive model based in old concepts. The drawings ar not made to scale, the size of the buildings i leave to you, the fortress i will make it later.
  7. For tomorrow i will prepare more concept art, this time the civic center, market, fortress,etc.
  8. This shield desing is historically incorrect for suebians, the anglos and saxon used it around the 5th century onwards after christianization of germanic tribes
  9. this images i took them out of a game: Bellum Imperii
  10. Please look my concept art, if you can make some of them i would be very grateful
  11. this is actually a germanic helmet but belong to the late germanic tribes
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