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  1. In the cimbri war there where some galic trives that allied to the cimbri
  2. Battle of Vercellae 101 bc: infantery clash, cimbri vs Roman Republic. Author Igor Dzis. We can use it as a reference for heavy swordmen.
  3. Its not finished but tell me what you think @wowgetoffyourcellphone
  4. I am preparing a new concept for wall city, i wil use this references: Roman Siege walls
  5. Maybe this can help The color of the concret is a milky white
  6. Ok, thanks for answering, i will look for reference for concrete wall texture to help.
  7. @Alexandermb Out of curiosity, how is the civil center building going?
  8. A reference for walls city: Biskupin, Poland Hillfort (iron age)
  9. As far as buildings are concerned, they are very square
  10. If it looks weird i will make new concept of the phase 1 buildings
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