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  1. I'm sure everyone is very enthusiast for Alpha 24 to come out !
  2. I've noticed ... things that would need to be changed (or fixed): 1. ROMAN GHOSTS: The Roman have access to the testudo but when I put units in this formation and then make them work, they just glide over the ground (which is really creepy). 2. AI BATTLE STRATEGY: I think the AI battle behavior should be changed because when I'm attacked by one of them, he just sends his units rushing on my walls, without any formation. It's sad because I would love to see a decent battle where the troops wait for the signal to charge (in formation of course). 3. OBEDIENT UNITS: Last but not least, when I put my units in formation and send them to attack, as soon as they see an enemy they just break the formation ! It makes me rage because they just disseminate everywhere on the opponent's battlefield and get exterminated by simple arrow-towers... It's one of my greater concerns because my whole darn plan is put into ruins by no-brained soldiers who should obey their superior !!! That's it for my list and I hope the developers (or modders) will take this into credit for a near update (or mod???). Still, thank you for making such an awesome game (which is free by the way and it's even better) and keep up all the good work !
  3. Just followed your advice and IT WORKS THANKS !!!
  4. That's exactly what happens to me except for me it's the top of the screen. Thanks for describing it such accurately.
  5. I already did that and I tried with 3 or 4 mods but what's uncanny is that after I'm on the modded 0ad and that I come back on the mod launching page, select basse game only and that i launch it, it does the same thing. So maybe the problem is in the mod launcher and not in the mods ?
  6. Thanks for trying to help me but I guess I'll have to play 0ad without mods then ! It's OK anyways because it wasn't a critical problem. Thank you for the time you spent trying to help me !
  7. Alright, I understand my error so here are the good log files (hopefully). Thanks for this answer and I hope it doesn't take much time to correct it ! interestinglog.html mainlog.html system_info.txt userreport_hwdetect.txt
  8. I think that these are the log files but unfortunately I couldn't find the system.txt file :/ . I hope this doesn't stop you from helping with my problem. Thanks in advance ! system_info.txt userreport_hwdetect.txt interestinglog.html mainlog.html
  9. Hi, I've been playing 0ad for almost a month now and I wanted to try out some mods so I downloaded some (Delenda Est for example). But when I relaunched the game to make the mods work (by clicking start mods button), the game reopened but around 1/5 of the top of the screen was black so the window was smaller. I didn't mind that but another problem arrived ! My mouse pointer was on a different position of the screen and the game thought it was way lower so it was very hard for me to click the good buttons. For info, I measured the difference of height between the mouse pointer and what the game thought it was and it was around the same as the size of the black stripe. I figured the two problems were related but I'm not really good on technical computer stuff so please help me if you can.
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