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  1. So yet again, you've decided you're God. To WFG, please do not incorporate this mod into the next Alpha, thank you.
  2. I have no idea what you are trying to say...I read this three times and can't understand a word of it.
  3. Yes, in the sense that I do not support having your mod rolled up into the next Alpha release...I recommend that you push for a patch system to be introduced, for balance changes only, and that each proposed patch should be debated here in the gameplay forum and adjusted accordingly before release.
  4. You have proven my point, you are a cowboy making decisions for everyone else on your own... because you don't want to work the process...this game is not a rock/paper/scissors RTS...mod away just be aware of the fact that some of us will never install it and will remain loyal to vanilla...no one person should decide alone what gets changed.
  5. You should be doing this in concert with the dev team - not on your own in a vacuum - sorry that you might not like to have this pointed out - but you are making a second version of this game - which will split the already small gaming community. 0ad is a unique RTS - it needs to be preserved. They way things should be balanced is one civ at a time - over the course of lots of playing time and community debate - right now the only thing that needs to be done is to nerve the Gauls/Britons - nothing else needs to be changed, once that is done, then the next OP civ will reveal itself through ga
  6. The problem with the Borg mod is that he is implementing more than just balancing changes - which means he essentially forking the code. You can't have one person making all the decisions about what needs to be changed. The original design concepts and integrity of what 0ad is need to be preserved at all costs. Features and balance need to be separated, they are two different things. Borg's approach is counter productive. Implementing his own counter system is off the reservation stuff that I cannot support, the existing counter system should be tweaked, not replaced. Reading through wha
  7. As someone that thinks 0AD is ready to start playing, and spending time figuring out how to approach the game and get ready for ladder play, I now see what do to...practice a fast age 2, get three barracks in age 2, spam slingers, find enemy woodline, attack... Correct?
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