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  1. Hey thanks for your answer ! Yes i understand that create a game during free time must be so long, but i'm happy that you still on the project ! I had 2 more question that i forgot to mention, i'm really interested by the campain in this kind of game, so can i get some information somewhere about that ? I searched a little but i didn't find anything And i also wou'ld like to know if the game will be/is optimize for competitive games ? Also thanks for everythnig
  2. Hey there ! First i want to be sorry for my english i come from France I discovered your game recently and it's so good ! But well that was hard to play a game in 2v2 against IA with my friend cause the game was freezing every 10 second, maybe cause of my computer and some other game problem, but as i told that was a really good experience. I Tried to get some information on the forum, but there's not a lot of recent big update, so i woul'd like to know how the project feel ? Is it so long cause you need money ? Or cause the game required so much time ? Maybe because you're not enough to work on...? Well i understand that a lot of people probably already asked you the question a lot of time, so i'm sorry to be curious ^^ And i also can understand if you wouldn't answer some question. Alkansy.
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