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  1. Not sure if this is something I would ever be capable of doing myself. I was thinking, since Unity is an engine running on C/C++ using C# to communicate with the built in functions/ API (My personal understanding), maybe it would be possible, without too much effort, to convert it to Unity, or atleast the skeleton, template. Maybe with the new Entety system it would be interesting for you aswell. My programming experience is limmited to C# in Unity. No Idea how to build an engine. Maybe I should look into it
  2. Hi, im learning game development in Unity with C# at the moment and want to make advanced 3D RTS game with multiplayer option and systems. I see that the source code of 0.A.D is in c++ on a custom engine. Since im all new to this im just wondering if there is any use for me to download and try to learn this code? Also, I wonder if you can show me any good example projects, good forums, books to read etc, if my goal is to learn making system based RTS games. Im thinking about implementing the new Entety system in Unity for better performance, is this a good idea to look into?
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