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  1. English (UK). But thank you for all of your help, I have solved it. It is because of font error of Chinese Taiwan mod I've enabled. After I removed the mod, things became completely normal again
  2. Well, I couldn't see any error logged. Besides, when I built the same code base on Linux (Xubuntu 18.04), it ran perfectly without anything unusual
  3. Hello, everything about both of my graphic drivers is normal. I can run the game without anything unusual. But with the built solution, it came like that
  4. Hello everyone, I have just tried to fork and clone from the mirror git code base into my PC. Then I run update-workspaces.bat and use VS2015 to build the vc2015 version. It built without error, but in runtime the game text is blurred like this. This is very strange. What happened? How can this be fixed? Thank you. I use Windows 10, Visual Studio 2015.
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